97 1.9 Swapping engines TURBO 1.9 306 XtDt - stevegee
I have found a good 306XtDt in wreckers yard with broken camshaft. VIN Number is VF37ADHY23131009: Engine number is 10CUB26000769. year FEB 1996. Injection LUCAS. Intercooled engine.
Need new engine and the suppliers here in Australia are confused about what engine will fit into this car (five door hatch 5 speed manual).
The wrecker has several engines CAT and NO CAT. Question is what engine fits? he sold the exact match and is looking at supplying me with a different model. sop what are the traps for young players when exchanging engines for this XtDt Turbo?
The book says in DATA its a 7ADHY2 Model, possible engine is XU(DTE/Y/L3 DHY.
Is this the one that breaks crankshafts?
So can I regress one step and fit an XUD9TE/L D8A?
It is NO CAT so do i have to remove the CAT from the car (legal?) or run with the cat and hope the engine runs OK?
What is best injection Lucas or Bosche?
What is the preferred engine to swap in? D8A or DHY?

I read that the DHY has crankshaft failures and i suspect the car I want to buy has suffered something like that, it has broken Camshaft at least which has lifted the camshaft off the end post.

is the turbo on the D8A and DHY same and any other things I should know/ Does it all bolt up.reading all comments acknowledged.

Thanks for listening...

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97 1.9 Swapping engines TURBO 1.9 306 XtDt - DL
If your 305 dt has a broken cambelt/snapped camshaft then there is usually no need to replace the engine.

Remove the cylinder head and take a look at the pistons - are they undamaged?

If so, you'll just need to slap a head on the engine - this is by far the cheapest option.

DHY/D8A engine - for a cylinder head - it doesn't matter, they'll all fit. Just make sure it comes from a turbocharged engine as the engine mounting dowel position isn't present on the non turbo models.
97 1.9 Swapping engines TURBO 1.9 306 XtDt - stevegee
Its a 1997 306XtDt and the cam belt was not broken as I earlier thought the camshaft is broken however and the posts holding the camshaft is shattered.
My concern is the amount of damage to the turbo and pistons.

I had a call from the wrecker and he has offered an earlier engine but is concerned about the type of fuel pump. My fuel pump is a Lucas XUD110.
Are fuel pumps interchangeable? What are the traps?

Also if i change the engine CAT non CAT what are the issues if any.
97 1.9 Swapping engines TURBO 1.9 306 XtDt - thomp1983
the fuel pumps are interchangeable, you'll need the matching injectors and metal fuel lines though. you'll also need a dial test indicator to set the pump correctly if you change it over. if it's the camshaft thats broke then you'll get away with a replacement head, ive seen this before and it's caused no damage to the pistons, although it did damage 2 valves, best bet would would be to strip the head off and see what damage is there as the car isn't going anywhere.

Swapping engines TURBO 1.9 306 XtDt - stevegee
OK I have purchased a complete engine and it is a D8A. It was complete and cost about AU$2600 and came with intercooler radiator but no accessories.
To my untrained eyes the engines are compatible and the work is proceeding slowly. I got the car for $1500 and should have it on the road for under Au$5000.

There are some issues however:

When the RAC towed the damaged car in they removed the top left drivers engine mount to inspect the engine damage and allowed the engine to drop down. It has torn open the rh drivers boot on the drive shaft and also broken off the transfer pipe in the radiator tank.

So I have to source a new drive shaft boot and maybe a drive shaft as it came apart when I removed the shaft.

I removed all the needle rollers which fell out and need to know how easy it is to reassemble one of the roller bearings?

Also the radiator tank has a big hole in it as the piece came out and I read that the plastic becomes brittle and it might not be possible to glue the piece back in.

I also had trouble getting the airconditioner compressor off as two of the bolts have nuts hard against the sump which were hard to acess.

I am getting used to the French Metric bolts and those damn allen keyed bolts will not be going back in.

Anyone know the thread pitch on the metric threads?

I also cracked the heater quick connect plug on the firewall mainly due to ignorance and will have to source one but hopefully today I can lift the old engine out and set about prepping the new engine.

I intend to do the timing belt and have copied down the timing belt instructions from this forum.

I also intend doing all the pulleys/bearings on the belt side and the clutch and pressure plate.

Does anyone know the difference between the DHY and D8A engines dates and type,of car.

Other questions:

Why drum brakes? can a rear disc kit be bought to convert or are they ok on drums?

Any other traps for young players?

Thnaks for reading..

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Swapping engines TURBO 1.9 306 XtDt - thomp1983
the DHY engines with the conrod problems were a batch in mid 1998. the differences between the 2 engines is very little, so swapping them won't really be an issue. as for the bits that are cracked and damaged, it's a bit hard to judge if they can be repaired without pictures.

some models of the 306 came with disc brakes, but unless you want the looks then they offer no real braking improvements.

Swapping engines TURBO 1.9 306 XtDt - stevegee
Trying to find a suitable glue Nylon or PVC tanks??
Swapping engines TURBO 1.9 306 XtDt - stevegee
All done and running Chris. I have an issue with the fuel injector pump however it wont run with the stop solenoid in place.
Putting the engine in from below using chain and my hoist was a soda.
Just hung it in.
Also found that normal petrol drive shafts will fit the XUD9 turbo engine at half the price.
Radiator holding its water and heater hose conenctions rectified.


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