Classic car insurance minimum age - robstoff
Hello backroomers. I have been using the forum for over a year now, and find it excellent, only now have i decided to register.

I also have a question. I am 19 years old and have a Fiat Grande Punto, and 2 years no claims with Tesco insurance.

I would like to insure a classic Land Rover, but so far it has been so expensive, and all the "cheaper" classic car insurance policies all seem to have a minimum age of 21.
Does anyone know of any companies who don't have this minimum age, or any other way around the problem?

Thanks in advance, Rob.
Classic car insurance minimum age - Harleyman
Try owners' clubs. They usually have some sort of deal with a broker or insurer for bona fide members.
Classic car insurance minimum age - gordonbennet
Just for the hell of it, give NFU a call if you get no joy anywhere else, they are really good for farm type stuff (as you'd expect).

A few years ago, when i was paying £350 to insure my landcruiser (something ridiculous like group 14 or 16), my mate had fully comp on his 90 county for £90!!!!

I was overjoyed when he told me.
Classic car insurance minimum age - Cliff Pope
Definitely try NFU. I insure a classic tractor through them, and the only age restrictions are the legal ones, ie 14 off road, 16 on road. That includes business use, if I wanted it, and towing up to the legal maximum number of trailers. All for £26 pa.

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