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2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - langdon
I have an 04 K12 Micra 1.2S(Which should have been included in the subject header - GRRRRR) , first the mileometer digits went down at 18,000 miles and had to fit new, now the red PS light has come on and there is No power steering! now, I know these have an electric motor on the column that can fail, however before I go ahead and have the whole thing changed is there any other fault it could be? its only done 20,000, worst car I have ever owned!

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2004 1.2s (K12) - Electric power steering loss! - Screwloose

Nissans really lost the plot on these; see if you can get the steering ECU fault codes read - it could be just a position sensor or similar.

Any sign of charging problems?
2004 1.2s (K12) - Electric power steering loss! - langdon
No, no charging problems, having it code read on Wednesday, the technician at Montaini Automotive has had two of these lately with the same problem! he cleared the fault codes, turned off the light and the Power Steering returned!!!! However, he did say that does'nt mean mine will work, also said same as Fiat Punto Steering, New Vauxhall Corsa etc, pain in the backside apparently! could have told him that! still, let's see, will keep you informed. Many Thanks.

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2004 1.2s (K12) - Electric power steering loss! - ShovelPick

My micra has problems:-

  • intermittantly the steering goes very light
  • sometimes the battery is flat for no apparent reason
  • like others the boot lock is faulty

Is the changing problem significant to the steering problem?

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2004 1.2s (K12) - Electric power steering loss! - robertabt

We managed to sort the boot unlock problem... The actual switch wears out, by taking the trim out you can get to the switch assembly and strip it down... We drilled the old switch out and put a new one in (just a normal 5mm push to make switch) in its place, with the aid of done hot melt glue... A month later and that's fine, just the clutch that's gone...

2004 1.2s (K12) - Electric power steering loss! - danny Blanchard

I have just had a recoditioned unit fitted including a service for under £500. Before you ask, Stuart showed me the old one he took off Give them a try they are outstanding. aplusvehicleservices.co.uk

2004 1.2s (K12) - Electric power steering loss! - stuffedit
Sorry to reopen this after a year or so has past, can I ask if you found out what caused the "intermittent steering goes light"issue? Ours just started doing it but no PS light so wondered if it's mechanical not electrical?
2004 1.2s (K12) - Electric power steering loss! - woodcock12

It is worth having the fault codes checked, if you have the following codes stored then it will always be the column itself that has failed: 'C1606 - motor driver malfunction' & 'C1608 - control unit malfunction'.

This company supplies a replacement column that does not require programming:
ECU Testing LTD

Heard some good reports about them and they give a lifetime warranty

2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - langdon
Just to update my thread of 28th Jan, had No power steering whatsoever, red PS light on dash, Main agents advised problem to be electric motor on column, replacement needed, many many hundreds of pounds!!! Had a diagnostic technician come out today, (Has £50,000 worth of latest software equipment on board his van!) and came highly recommended, within 5 mins had turned the light out and restored Power Steering! cost, £45.00+VAT said I was now the third Micra within as many months this had worked for, the other two had not been back so he assumes they are OK, lets hope mine lasts too! worth knowing before you replace.

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2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - suef
hi there langdon

I have just read your message,I have also had the same thing happen to mine recently same little red ps light that won't go out only done 40,0000 i have been told by nissan that it would cost me £600 to replace i am intrested to find out who did your car, I have a nissan micra 04 E can anyone help
2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - DP
I cannot see this as being anything other than fraud or gross incompetence. It begs the question, are the dealers:

a) Intentionally charging for, and fitting a new motor, yet actually fixing the fault by doing whatever your man did to put the light out and restore the steering? Customer gets the car back fixed and none the wiser. Dealer trousers the margin on a very expensive spare part that they fitted completely unnecessarily. Fraud.
b) Charging for a new motor which they are not fitting, and fixing the fault by doing whatever your man did to put the light out? Fraud, on an even bigger scale. There was anecdotal evidence at the time (but no proof) that some Ford dealers were doing the same thing blaming lumpy running on Mondeos on "sticking valves" (requiring a top end rebuild) instead of the real cause - a hole in a £3 rubber vacuum hose. Same result as a) though in that the car comes back fixed, and the customer is none the wiser.
c) Clueless in that they really think the motor is the problem, and fessing up to customers that they misdiagnosed the fault, and their car still isn't fixed? Car comes back still broken and the customer is £600 out of pocket.

If c) can be excused at all, it should only ever happen once per dealership. If a manufacturer operates a proper knowledgebase system, it should only happen once anywhere, ever.

I would love to know the truth. I've heard of this kind of thing from most manufacturers.


2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - TriniArt
My dad's '04 K12 has this fault. Codes were reset using Nissan Consul II device but problem came back in about a week.(Fault that came up was : PS Control Unit fault and PS motor fault).
Mechanic (Nissan one), removed unit. This unit includes the Power steering motor plus the Control unit. According to the workshop manual, it cannot be serviced and needs to be replaced if faulty (part number : 48810-AX003 cost over 1000.00 pounds).

This company (BBA-Reman)

sells a reconditioned unit(with a 2 year warranty). Cost : 220.00 plus you must sent them your old part in exchange.

The image on their site as listed above is exactly the unit that was removed from my dad's Micra..however BBA-Reman will not confirm the part number. I suppose you can go to their place and see unit if need be.

It appears that the unit can be reconditioned..so my dad took his to an electrician who reconditioned the motor ...I'll keep you posted as to if it works!! Should know in about a week or 2.
2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - TriniArt
It's been a month now and everything is working fine on the PS.
I guess the reconditioning worked!
2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - Desman
My son in London led me to this site. I am in RSA and was gobsmacked when told it would cost me R18000 for the new part and R7000 labour by my Nissan agent (Datcentre) in Pinetown Kwazulu Natal. I decided to rather not have ESP at that price. However the technician there plugged in some computer, loaded ESP and after some time erased the "fault". The printout display was the size of a tiny cashslip. I was again gobsmacked to drive away with ESP and wait for it, did not pay for this service. He did say it does not mean that "replacement is ruled out". I am sure this problem is so common that customer service is a priority with Datcentre at Pinetown.
2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - tiggy
HI. I,m Bob.
Problems with my Micra steering only done 13000 miles and 3 months out of warranty .Could you let me have the contact no for the guy with the computer
Thank you Bob
2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - bpd
Langdon - my partner has the same issue. The red PS light has just come on and the steering is like lead for her.

Can you provide me with the details/contact number for the chap that came out to you to resolve the issue for £45 plus VAT.

Please help

2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - paul london
I have the same problem please help.
2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - paul london
Problem solved I went to Nissan they plugged in the consult11 and the steering is now A1 and no charge. This is a main dealer in Spain but I dont't see any reason why it should not be the same in UK.
2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - d1ne5h
I have noticed the same problem,

Could you send me details of the technician you mentioned.

My K12 has only done 22,000 miles, not impressed.
2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - The fox
My 2003 K12 has done about 30,000 - red light was flashing for about a year before it finally went on permanently and the steering went. Am driving it at moment as cannot afford the repairs - it's fine as long as you don't go down a narrow car lined cul-de-sac! Takes a long time to turn around and am going to end up with arms like a trucker....but now it's about to take the MOT and I have to get it fixed. Do these people intentionally go out of their way to make the technology difficult to repair - why's it all in the steering column (can imagine the designers - ooh lets' make it so you can't actually get to it) - and you can't buy the part cheap...I bought a nissan cos I thought it would be reliable (asked the RAC!) - you buy a small car presumably to save pennies on petrol and everything else! Oh and Nissan recalled the car two years ago due to a boot problem.
Nissan have to do something about this - it's not something you can just pop your car in to any old garage for. Although I am not not not going to Nissan.
I am going to see about disengaging the power steering for the time being.
All advice welcome (am new to this site)
2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - xtrailman
Why have power steering on a small car in the first place? women drivers?
2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - Hans B
Hello there. Lots of Nissan March/Micra K-12 drivers are eaten up at repairing their PS systems in many countries around the world including Mauritius.

Ref: www.defimedia.info/articles/4732/1/Le-chouchou-des...u

I've justgot a new Nissan K-12 with 9k only and the idea that the PS system could default with no repairs in sight is simply outrageous.

Thanks for sharing all your tips
2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - Hans B
Well it seems that the PS problem is only occasional and can be replaced by new/reconditioned parts. Actually, many new models of Honda Civic as well do have electric PS systems and their uses are growing.
2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - cawarra
I have a 55 reg Micra. The PS failed about a month ago. I took it to the dealer and had it " diagnosed ". That actually cured the fault. Until today. I rang Nissan UK and they say their database shows no significant number of warranty claims etc for this fault.They say it is "wear and tear"! After 23k miles?? I rang the reman company on the thread and they disagree.I suppose they would.I am a driving instructor.I need my car.Whichever way I go,whether main dealer (£900) or refurb hassle (£350ish) and several days off the road,I am going to be severely out of pocket.
2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - danielsan
Hi, very informative langdon I have a 2005 version with the same problem do you know if a nissan diagnostic scanner should be used or any scanner with the option to reset the powersteering, is your powersteering still working OK ??? lets hope that is the permanent solution
2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - papadodge


Great Post , many thanks

Just had the exact same problem with my Nissan.

Do you have details of the person with the diagnostics. Is it a national organisation


2004 K12 model Electric Power steering Fault! - mondedave


having the same problem, intermittent PS light comes on loss of PS. Did your problem ever return? please do you know the contact details for the mobile technician ? I would be very grateful, 05 nissan micra 45000 miles.

thank you


2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - paddyf
i own a garage and have come across this power steering fault. on some occasions the system can be code read and the faults electronically cleared. the steering will then work ok.
however it is not uncommon for us to be unable to clear the fault codes which results in us having to replace the steering column which includes the motor and control unit. the last one we replaced was 5 years old and had only 5500 miles on the clock

we charge in the region of £650 inc vat to supply and fit a new unit.

if you have this problem and a garage wants to change the complete unit do not assume that they are ripping you off, it might be that you are one of the unlucky ones.

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2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - bell boy
- paddyf why not offer to fit a recon column and with your 2 hours labour the full cost would be most lessly?
2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - paddyf
we don't fit reconditioned units for 2 reasons
1/ some companies clean up second hand units and sell them as reconditioned ones.
2/ new units from nissan are failing after quite short distances so what chance have recon units got.

with something as important as steering we do not feel we can cut corners
2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - rodent279
I have a 53plate K12 1.2s, 54k miles. The EPS light came on last night, also the NATS light. Passed it's MOT this morning with just a "slight play in steering" comment.

Now waiting for the AA to give their verdict before going the route of ECU fault codes/resets etc.

cheers N
2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - Boyfriend

Hi. My Girlfriend has the same problem. I will have to check exact model she has. Powersteering light came on. power steering failed completely a few days later, she had "managment system" reset by dealer which cured problem - but this only lasted 2 days. Dealer says need to replace whole colum etc @ approx £1200. She reluctantly agreed to this and over the last 2 months they have let her down repeatedly - not getting part in, no return calls. Overall - crap car followed up with crap service. Where are you based? Would rather bring to you for an honest assesment and repair... Please reply ASAP as MOT is now approaching thanks to Dealer/Nissan dragging feet and incompetence

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - Eli

My 18 year old daughter has a 2006 nissan micra. Within 3 weeks of having it the PS light came on and the power steering cut out. We had it checked by the Nissan garage who quoted us £1300 to get it sorted out. We found someone who put in a reconditioned one for £900. It has lasted about six months and now it has gone again. This is a disaster for her and so heart breaking. Her first car! We noticed it seemed to happen after a tight turn as it did last time too. Surely it must be something that is causing this to two completely different motors. The thread above seems to indicate that they have a problem with this, but as quoted also above the garages say 'it is the first we have heard of'. What should we do next and how can this problem just be brushed under the carpet by Nissan. Advice please before she has to pay out more from her hard earned savings. This car could eat all of it on power steering alone.

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - MandyMicra

Hello Micra Owners... I am also sad and distraught at this issue. It first plagued my 2005 K12 Micra in September of this year. They did the "electronic reset" and power steering was back on but always flashed when I started the car in the morning before going to work. I would re-start the car and it would be ok. Until last Monday. Took it to the Nissan repair and they said I would have to replace it for €2147 (I live in Portugal). This is unbelievable and not an option at all for me. Nissan cannot keep brushing this under the carpet. This is a serious fault and has to be a factory defect. We should all get together and pressure Nissan into replacing the part for free! Has anyone had any luck with their repairs that doesn't involve selling an arm and a leg?

Best Regards, Mandy

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - UnhappyMicraOwner

I honestly dont believe how many people have this problem!! I have a 2006 Nissan Micra - same one of the comments above - the PS light flashed a few times over a period of a couple of months when i turned the car on then one day it came on, stayed on and now the steering is not working at all! Grrrr! Been to a garage and had it put on a diagnostics machine which says that there is not fault....judging by the above comments this isnt a good sign! Ive called Nissan who state that this is not a common problem and I'd have to take it to them....shocker - unfortunatly I need my right arm and cant afford to sell it to pay for them to look at it and tell me its needs replacing. The sheer amount of people that this has happened to with the same year car is shocking and Nissan must be at fault somewhere along the line....i dont know what to do!

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - DublinGirl

hi there, i have a nissan micra k12 2005, 70,000kms done, that a few days ago while parked, i went to start the car and i couldn't turn the wheel. the PS light was on on the dashboard and nothing i did would release the steering wheel.

i had to get it towed to a mechanic and he said i need a new steering unit at a cost of €1500 all in. upon reading this read, i am even more annoyed to find that there are several other people with the same problem out there especially the K12 model and yet nissan won't fix the problem for free.

please can someone give advice on what we can do to go after nissan and get the problem known. i have seen found out that the nissan micras too are known for the oxygen sensor front and rear going on them because my engine light had been coming on for 2-3days then disappearing for months. when the engine light comes on, the car would lose power and then it would surge or over accelerate then after 2 days of this danger, the problem would disappear.

i am sick of these known problems that nissan are turning a blind eye too and i can't afford to fix the PS light nor can i afford to get a new car.

please help, am in ireland.

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - dfpk

Hi Dublin Girl,

My wife has a nissan micra 2005 and the same thing happened the other day. Just came back to the car and no power steering. Nissan don't want to know but maybe others do!!

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - John.H


Did anyone suggest a solution to the power steering problem. My 2006 Micra is suffering from wxactly the same problem. The wexford Nissan garage has quoted €1,500 plus VAT plus fitting for a replacement part

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - Poor_Nissan_Owner

Hi. I have a 2005 Nissan Tiida also known as the Versa. I don't know if your problem is the same as mine, but I've had problems with my power steering as well. Sometimes I would start the car and the power steering wouldn't work, which meant i had to really PULL that steering to get home after work. Some days switching off the engine, starting it again would work. Some days, I had problems, some days I didn't. It would work fine in the morning, fail around lunchtime and work in the evening. It was clearly possessed. I complained to my dad.

He checked the electronic power steering fuse, which in my Tiida/Versa is located under the hood, in front of the battery. He pulled it out, sprayed it out with electronic contact cleaner and put it back it in. Told me to start the car and try it out... Lo and behold it worked! For a long time the problem went away. I don't think I've had that problem for over a year now. Until this afternoon. We changed the cradle bushings and doing some maintenance work on the suspension and decided to give it a test drive. The darned power steering stopped working again. Dad sprayed out the fuse again today and it is working again.

As I said don't know your problem is the same as mine, if it is that your car can't move or steer at all or if like me, your steering is just ridiculously hard to turn without EPS. I don't even have the same car but I saw other users complaining about other Nissan models elsewhere. Oh well.

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2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - master aka

try power steering services they are good with the nissan micra and they do other electric parts

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - master aka

i just went on google there based in london www.power-steering.co.uk/ or call them 0208 853 3343

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - dusty12


Nissan Micra 03 70000km the PS light came on and I lost Power Steering quoted over 2000 fror repar am in Ireland anyone know good diagnostic Technican in Dublin.


2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - t8769

The old K10 & K11 Micras were basically Tanks disguised as cars. Incredibly strong, well built and tough - that's why you can see K11 Micras all over the world, there are thousands still around in Engalnd.\The K12 is a half French disaster.
My K12 had an engine leak after 25k, the mirror fell off, the radio broke and the lock broke. It was like a clown car, falling apart. I realised it wasn't a high class Japanese car but a crummy, badly built, cheap and nasty French car with a Japanese label on the front.
When Nissan almost went bankrupt, Renault stepped in and bought half of the company. Renault have one of the worst reputations for quality in the car market. There are McDonalds Childrens Toys with better build quality.
I have been astonished at the appauling quality of my K12. ... simply amazed. Its barely got 40k on it and now the steering has gone - incredible.
From now on I'll buy Toyota or VW, no more crummy French rubbish for me.

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - John.H


If you find a solution to this fiasco, please let me know. I have bee quoted €1,500 plus VAT plus fitting by the Wexford garage in Wexford.

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - FWOP

My wife has owned a 2005 Nissan Micra from new and it has only covered 29,000 miles from new.

She started to have problems with the PS light coming on and the system failing about 6 months ago. The car had an expensive replacement steering column and almost immediately the faut happened again. The garage were very good and replaced the column THREE times as the fault kept re-appearing. We thought that all that was behind us but the steering failed again yesterday

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - focussed

t8769 is right on the money and absolutely correct. Nissan got into bed with Renault and reliability went out of the window. I had an old 1999 1.0 litre K11 auto micra as a second driving instruction tuition car- my main car was an 07 Honda Civic 2.2 ctdi. The Micra was a terrific little car with the heart of a lion. My auto pupils loved It and in two years and dozens of pupils I never had a pupil fail a test in it.

It never failed to start or let me or anybody else down, was economical and suprisingly, for a 1.0 litre car went like s*** off a chromium shovel-without L plates and me driving it used to embarrass the boy racers at the traffic light GP on the ring road.

Years ago, when the K12 micra first came out, I went to the local Nissan dealer looking for a demo drive in the 1.5 diesel for a tuition car. They couldn't oblige-their demonstrater, a week old, had broken down on the road and was being towed in.

I bought a s/h 1.7 diesel Civic instead and have been Honda ever since.

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - dazbec

My 17 year old daughter has just purchased her first car a Micra 1.0 K12. We purchased from local car auction (have always bought via garage previously) - we were only allowed to start car stationary before purchase. On driving away my husband noticed steering very heavy, so I had a drive - you probably guessed the power steering not working!! It appears that the bulb had been removed to stop light showing!! We can't believe how unluckly we've been and know risks involved with buying at auction. We are devastated for our daughter as we feel we gave her wrong advise on purchase. Its only done 56K and we have V5 and rest of paperwork - obviously not able to return - any help on suggestions for getting fixed reasonably or ways of getting any compensation from Seller woulod be much appreciated. Our daughter has scrimped and save to buy this car and insure it - it seems so unfair!!

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - KatieM123

Get onto Watchdog and log this complaint! Then Nissan will be forced to admit it is a fault and give some compensation


2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - lea
I have a nissan micra s 2006 reg bought second hand on finance 2years ago. In febuary I got in my car and noticed the ps light on and steering very heavy I drove it to my nearest garage who plugged it into a diagnostic machine, but they was unable to get to the engine so was unable to help me, I went to another garage and the sane thing happened so I'm non the wiser as to what the problem is. I've been reading and I've noticed a lot if these cars with the same fault and coming back with the steering column faulty and costing over £1000 to repair. I've just spoken to Nissan who have logged the cOmplaint I was told I would have to go to a Nissan dealer to have the diagnostics done but unfortunately my mot ran out in march and I can't drive it, the mot won't pass due to no power steering!!! I'm still paying for a car on finance I can't even drive, also having to pay insurance due to the new laws, I'm a single mum and can't afford a £1000 I'm stuck I'm desperate, catching the bus in a morning with my Young son taking him to school then another bus to go to work, can't save due to public transport cost HELP
I also emailed watchdog last night hopefully they maybe able to do something that's if enough people complain. £225 a month down the drain a car in good condition with less than 35000 miles on the clock useless. It's a joke Nissan should recall these cars please people with the problems cone forward and be counted as the more they get the more Likely we may get somewhere :-(
2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - Nissan micra Punto''er

I can totally sympathise with everyone who has had or still has power steering loss in their Micra's. This is a total disgrace - Nissan should be picking up the tab for this problem of their own causing. My story is pretty similar to most people's except we got lucky (if you can call loosing your PS on a car that has done only 12K miles albeit on a 54 plate). We got this car 6 weeks ago.

So we got a PS loss, impossible to drive safely at anything like a sensible speed, and impossible manoeuvre at something like 10 mph. Diagnostics done at a cost of £48, they even did the re-settings several times, (i.e. turn it off and turn it back on again) because the garage of the general problem the Model has incurred over the years. Garage quoted for a £390 reconditioned part plus 2 hrs labour total £564, only alternative apart from going to main dealer (£1200 - £1600) was to source one from the scrappers. We got lucky on two counts 1) we found one, quoted £80, and 2) we got a guarantee that if it didn't work we could have our money back.Today car is fixed total cost £48 diagnostic, part £60, two hours labour £80 total £188!!!

So my advise is ring every b***** scrap yard in your local region, and hopefully you too might have a little dserved luck

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - soobee

Thats really helpful advice, I clearly got done 8 months ago after buying my car , Power steering light is on, and from reading posts here it could it very costly. You have given me hope that if it cant be fixed by diagnostics alone legwork might do it. Thank you!

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - Eli

Final chapter of the micra sage for my daughter who purchasd an 06 micra a year and three months ago. After the power steering broke within 2 weeks of purchase and was reconditioned by Reman and after it has gone a further 3 or possibly 4 times (Reman were great and tried again on each occasion over a period of a year at no cost other than carriage, of course we had to pay someone to keep taking out the column and putting the reconditioned unit back in), we have given up on the micra. It lasted three months the last time and has now gone again. Altogether we spent £1,600 on this car over and above its puchase price and now are at a loss. We have managed to sell it for £1,200 in its present condition and my daughter is just glad to get that. It cannot pass its MOT without the power steering. She is now going to have to put more money towards getting herself another car - definitely not a micra - and so that £2,500 car will have cost us nearly its price again. Can anyone recommend a more reliable car?

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - mikem004

Get a Toyota Yaris. This car is everything the K12 should have been.

Toyota updated their bullet-proof Starlet to give a modern, reliable, nippy and frugal runabout. Why Nissan-Renault couldn't do the same with the reliable K11 is a mystery to me.

I sympathise with you. I've had a couple of the old K11 Micra's and they were tremendous cars. But I wouldn't buy a post-01 Micra.

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - bullldog

I got the same problem. The power steering light came up on the dash, as I couldn't afford the price nissan quoted for replacing the power steering, got a powersteering column from the Scrap yard and fitted it. While the power steering fault has dissappeared, the P1611, NATS Malfunction fault appeared. My local garage said that disables the engine and only the nissan garage could fix it.

Called the Nissan Garage and they are saying the problem is because it is a used part and not a new part and the car wont recognise it. So really stuck now as I only paid £2300 for the car and can't pay half of that to repair it.

I have now called the Nissan Customer Service and reported it as it seems a bit unfair, that they can't make their computer recognise a genuine nissan part (eventhough it is old it came from another nissan car of the same spec).

If more people ring the customer service number 01923 899334 and report this fault may be Nissan will do something about it.

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - madf

Get a Toyota Yaris. This car is everything the K12 should have been.

Toyota updated their bullet-proof Starlet to give a modern, reliable, nippy and frugal runabout. Why Nissan-Renault couldn't do the same with the reliable K11 is a mystery to me.

I sympathise with you. I've had a couple of the old K11 Micra's and they were tremendous cars. But I wouldn't buy a post-01 Micra.


2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - woodcock12

Mostly it is always the column that fails, the motor and ECU are not available seperately as they are all part of the same column, Nissan are currently wanting over £1000.00 for a new one and they say a second hand one will not work because of the NATS immobiliser system is connected with it.

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2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - chrisgd
On Tuesday I bought a 2005 1.2 5 door micra se, had a drive before before purchasing, no issues, I bought it privately. I drove back to Chester from Manchester, no problems feeling quite pleased with my self, did 24 miles to work and back yesterday, all ok, went it to Chester shopping today, started the car to come home and the power steering light came on and the power steering failed, drove home with difficulty, when I got home I left the car for ten minutes tried it again and no warning light and the power steering works ok, although I haven't been on the road to test it!

Having read all the above threads I'm worried I could have bought a right pigs ear, if I ask could i just be a loose wire am I clutching at straws!

Any comments welcome
2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - westrong

My 2005 K12 also suffered from the same problem, just 40 miles after closing the private deal. The official dealer quoted 2300 Eur for replacing the steering column. Unacceptable.

I ordered a little thingy that is supposed to be the Chinese copycat of the Nissan Consult II, in order to be able to clear the fault code at no marginal cost (google for "Nissan N607" and you will find it easily). It was a 100 Eur investment which I considered to be fair even if there was no online evidence that this could actually work as expected.

Well, it turns out that it worked perfectly! Received the handheld unit, plugged it into the OBD connector, ran automatic diagnostic, cleared the code, and the PS came back! It took me less than a minute to fix event without any prior knowledge about how to do it.

But here is the aftermath. Apparently there are two major fault modes in the PS of the K12's. One is a proper malfunction of the electrical engine, which can only be fixed by replacement. The other is random CAN communications error of the module in the PS, which is non critical and can be cleared without problems. The error diagnostic report clearly reported the latter. So far I have driven about 500 miles for the last 2 months and the problem has not come up yet. The unit is very compact, so it fits conveniently under the passenger's seat. On top of this, you also have a great diagnostics tool to have good situational awareness before taking your chances at the dealer's garage.

I really hope that this trick solves most of the cases that have been presented here, particularly in these days of financial hardship.


2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - DaveReading

I ordered a little thingy that is supposed to be the Chinese copycat of the Nissan Consult II, in order to be able to clear the fault code at no marginal cost (google for "Nissan N607" and you will find it easily). It was a 100 Eur investment which I considered to be fair even if there was no online evidence that this could actually work as expected.


I'm having trouble finding that Consult II clone on the Internet, lots of code readers come up, but most of them only claim to clear generic codes. Could I ask what the site was that you ordered yours from, please ?



2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - westrong

Just do a quick search in eBay and you will get a number of sellers, like these:


3 months after clearing the code with it and PS still working as expected.

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - Ironic

Had similar issue with daughter's 2006 K12; had a CANbus reader bought for around £10 from Ebay. Same story; fine one moment, steering too heavy to turn when started next. Plugged CAN box reader into OBD socket and it cleared the PS light on dash and steering was immediately movable. You can feel the steering go light as the ignition is switched on, after startup checks complete.

The advice to spray the underbonnet fusebox with WD40 sounds like a good one; the CAN electronics takes tiny amounts of current, not enough to keep the fuse connection clean. If the CAN unit loses power, you get these intermittent fails, spraying the fuse with contact cleaner restores (and protects) the connection. As westrong says, there are 'proper' faults, where the electric motor burns out and has to be replaced, and the majority of intermittent problems that can be fixed with a can of spray!

Also agree with the 'Renault' tie-up being the cause of dodgy electrics - the K12 is a Clio in disguise. Daughter's friend parked her Clio at ours, then it was dead when she wanted to drive home. Garage came the next morning and got it going with their CAN reader...CANbus is far too complex and has far too much ability to stop systems running - blame the Californians for the whole sheebang. E.g. it is the OBD 'body control' stuff that stops LED lights working; a bulb blows and it turns off the supply - WHY!? With an LED, the lower current makes the OBD flag the bulb as U/S and turns off the power to it. Doesn't even do anything useful, like informing the driver the lamp has blown (not on cheap cars at any rate)..

2004 1.2s (K12) Electric power steering loss - camdereli

I've bought 0 km 1.2 Micra Tekna A/T on May 2005 for my wife. From that time till this summer, we were very happy with the car. However, this famous problem started to appear this summer and we came to yesterday! Yesterday morning PS sign was on. I called the Nissan service and they said "probably error code, so bring it to us, we will erase the errors". They did. But no solution!

What to do now? They said we need to replace it with a new one and it will cost you 4700 Turkish Lira (=2000€ exc. labour cost) :(((

As I understood from this list, the new one does not always mean you solved it, it may reappear. What about "used" ones? Did anyone try? I do not know any good "technician" here in Ankara, or it will be very costly to buy refurbished ones from ebay-UK.

I rally need good suggestions. Any news from Nissan for changing with no charge? Consumer rights, etc...

Thanks and best regards,



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