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1995 1331cc - Immobiliser query - Roundhead
I have recently bought a 1995 Toyota Corolla Kudos Plus 1331 cc. The lady I bought it off told me that the immobiliser does not work. I need to fit a new battery to the vehicle. My concern is if I disconnect the old battery will the immobiliser 'kick in' and then will I be unable to start the car?

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Immobiliser query 1331 cc 1995 - topbloke
unsure if you you would be able to not start car after battery change but there is what is know as a memory saver, basicaly its a nine volt battery that plugs into you ciggie lighter socket, then disconect battery, fit new, and away you go, very cheap stop you losing radio codes etc so should supply enough power to ecu's etc for memory . exactly like this
Immobiliser query 1331 cc 1995 - Roundhead
Many thanks topbloke for the suggestion. I think what I will try tomorrow is connecting a spare car battery to the car leads with jump leads before disconnecting the existing battery to maintain the supply to the car whilst installing the new battery.
Immobiliser query 1331 cc 1995 - Number_Cruncher
>>basicaly its a nine volt battery that plugs into you ciggie lighter socket

Yes, and if you're ever tempted to make one up, make sure you protect the 9v battery with a diode. It protects the 9v battery by being fried by the vehicle's battery during the time that they're both connected.


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