£3k drop in price for non-turbo Cabrios Volume 1. - Falkirk Bairn

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Just in time to buy your wife/girlfriend a Xmas present starting @ £9,999

Must have a wider appeal at that price

I have yet to see one on the road - so it might explian a lot of the price drop.

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£3k drop in price for non-turbo Cabrios - bell boy
never heard of them
£3k drop in price for non-turbo Cabrios - Pugugly {P}
Click on HJ's Road Test link on the right and all will be revealed....
£3k drop in price for non-turbo Cabrios - bell boy
made my opera page smaller to see all those adverts and found it.........but got to say its uglier than a roomster ;-)
£3k drop in price for non-turbo Cabrios - Pugugly {P}
You have a way with words. Told you once, quirky is the new ugly. :-Q
£3k drop in price for non-turbo Cabrios - movilogo
At that price, I would always buy Lancer saloon ;)
£3k drop in price for non-turbo Cabrios - Bill Payer
At that price I would always buy Lancer saloon ;)

Yes, that's similar to a Colt Cabrio. :rolleyes:
£3k drop in price for non-turbo Cabrios - welshlad
i have a colt CZC on order for delivery on the 5th of march. i test drove both the turbo and the petrol engine and i have to say that after the turbo the petrol engine model was like a completly different car, dont be fooled by photos of this car its actually bigger then it looks the interior is basic but quite stylish in the flesh.

unfortunatly i never had the chance to put the roof down and hit the pedal as the rain was against me on the day i test drove this car i have to say after all 7 of the test drives i took ranging from a dodge caliber to the toyato auris this car was the best for basic comfort and ease of driving nippy but not the sort of car that will get away from you should you take your eyes off the speedo for a few seconds.

as for it being a chick car i dont think so even with the seat adjusted to it highest setting most women i know would still not be able to see out the front comfortably. and even in the short test drive i took along country roads at normal speed and normal driving practise it recorded a MPG of 45.8 for the majority of the journey (the caliber scared me with its MPG of 29 flat out on a dual carriage way LOL)

£3k drop in price for non-turbo Cabrios - Collos25
So its you who bought one that will double the sales figures,theres a yard full of them near me been there a year to my knowledge part of the landscape now.With the new model due I think they will either dismantle them or use B1G1F to shift them.
£3k drop in price for non-turbo Cabrios - welshlad
according to the dealer im the first one to order it in oriental orange in north wales he couldnt say for sure about the rest of wales but definitly the first in the north so dont forget to wave if your in the area and see me (you'll know who it is) LOL
£3k drop in price for non-turbo Cabrios - Collos25
A lot of money for a obsolete Smart with the roof chopped off.
£3k drop in price for non-turbo Cabrios - tack
to borrow a catchphrase............."I'm the only Orange CZC driver in the village"
£3k drop in price for non-turbo Cabrios - seataltea
My wife has always fancied one of these so we are off to test drive a non turbo CZC tomorrow.

£10k for a new cabrio with an electric tin roof and Jap quality isn't a lot to pay for a run around/second car.

I'll let you know how it goes.

£3k drop in price for non-turbo Cabrios - seataltea
It was a silver 1.5 na, poor build quality, nasty plastics, creaks, rattles, grey on grey interior (yes I know there is an orange option). Nothing special to drive and the two rear seats would have beeen better replaced with additional storage. Boot is huge and I mean massive with the lid up, tiny with it down. Roof action is neat and very quick.

Salesman said never mind they are flying out of the showrooms at the moment, can sell every one they get at this price.

Move on nothing to see here.
£3k drop in price for non-turbo Cabrios - welshlad
i have to agree with you about the rear seats a moulded storage area would have been alot more use to most people buying this car it would have made up for some of the lost space in the boot with the roof down.

but as a single man no kids (and a bit of a billy no mates LOL) a two seater is ideal for me but i can see why this particular car wouldnt suit everyone, personally i like the interior purely because it isnt flashy and quite minimalistic but thats just my preference.

as for the creaks and rattles i didnt notice any on the car i test drove and i didnt really noticed the increased road noise that this car is supposed to have (roof up or down) but then again you do get individuallity with every car, hope you find a car you like but to be honest having looked around alot before deciding on this car im afraid nasty plastic interiors are the in thing with most newer cars as you'll find out for yourself
Colt CZC offer - bintang
The current offer of £9999 excludes road tax and 1st. reg. but is tempting. Can anyone who has bought one, or driven one for more than 100 miles, give their views please?
Colt CZC offer - Pugugly {P}
Have you read HJ's roadtest - very easy to find on this site.
Colt CZC offer - bintang
Have you read HJ's roadtest

Yes but I wanted "amateur" views as well.
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
ask me again in thesecond week of march and i#ll be able to tell you
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
i was due to pick up my new car on the 5th of march but unfortunatly a call from the dealer yesterday put paid to that as my car is still sat at the pininfarina plant in italy awaiting shipping so who knows when it will get here -----not a happy bunny
Colt CZC offer - Armitage Shanks {p}
Unhappy - and that's before you've taken delivery!
Colt CZC offer - Collos25
Thats funny because there is boat load in field near me both left and right hand drive I think they have forgotten to press the go button on the computer.
Colt CZC offer - Harmattan

But which colour are they? OP has ordered an orange one which is slightly more expensive than the black one being promoted. When I asked about them back in January, the dealer in Coventry was not keen on the orange although he admitted to having one on customer order for March delivery. Very keen to sell black, however.
Colt CZC offer - ron08
Hi all just joined this forum.
I have an orange czc on order due in about two weeks,it should ave been on March 1st
I have seen a black one and an orange one localy here in LLaneli S.Wales my garage told me they had sold 22 of them.
Colt CZC offer - midlifecrisis
Did he have his fingers crossed under the table? :)
Colt CZC offer - Harmattan

Maybe a daft question considering you have one on order, but did it look OK in the orange? In black or in silver, they look a bit nondescript.
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
dont hold your breath i spoke to my dealer today there is an issue with the anti-trap windows and the plant in italy is not shipping any out till its sorted.

i was supposed to pick mine (also an orange)up on wednesday but today i was told it may not even be shipped this month

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Colt CZC offer - welshlad
i hould have added i have asked my dealer to do his best to get hold of a CZC even if that means a dealer transfer and as such i will have to take whatever colour is available so everyone cross your fingers and toes for an orange one to become available (i really want one in orange)
Colt CZC offer - ron08
Well my wife originaly asked for silver but later asked for orange,the one in the show room was black so that was the only one we saw,but as I said I saw an orange one localy and it looked pretty good.
Havn't heard from the dealer lately so no news is good news(I hope)lol
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
just out of intrest ron08 have you spoken to the dealer recently and been given any more idea about delivery times and did they tell you the same as i was told about the anti-trap window problem
Colt CZC offer - ron08
No , I havn't spoken to him lately, all he said last week was that there was a 2 to 3 week delay, I wasn't too bothered as its for my wife's birthday on 20 March so hopefuly it will arrive by then.
If I get any gen I will let you know.
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
cheers will return the favour if i hear anything

i guess we'll be the welsh CZC owners club once they arrive LOL

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Colt CZC offer - welshlad
i recieved this email from mitsubishi today which was nice they actually got back to me but its a completly different reason for the delay then the dealer gave me and as he actually showed me the order stats on the computer and the fact it said they have 2000 orders not even being built yet i will take his word over this email

Dear Mr *****,

Re: Mitsubishi Colt CZC

Thank you very much for your email received on the 29th February
regarding your Mitsubishi Colt CZC.
I was sorry to read about your dissatisfaction with the delivery time
of your vehicle. Please accept our sincere apologies for this unexpected
delay. We have been experiencing extremely high demand for this
vehicle and this has unfortunately led to a delay in the delivery process.
Please be assured that we are working hard to resolve this problem and
will endeavour to deliver your vehicle at the earliest possible date.
Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Yours Sincerely,

Customer Services Advisor
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
im seriously giving a thought to cancelling the order now as it seems nothing is going to happen anytime soonive looked into it and im quite within my rights to cancel and i have decided on an alternative but its not a mitsubishi they have lost out on my custom but in the intrest of fairness im giving them till next wednesday (that makes it 3 weeks after the initially quoted delivery date)to come up with some good news but after that its asta la vista baby
Colt CZC offer - Collos25
I had a look at the ones stored in field that I saw there are no orange ones in fact they are nearly all black I think you will be paying the new tax before they arrive in your colour.
Colt CZC offer - sporty chick
Hi, i am also waiting for my new czc in black which i was meant to pick up yesterday but no show and they dont know where they are or when they'l be in. They sold it to me in feb and said it would be ready the first week in march, i said i wanted it ready by the 13th at the latest as it was my birthday and they gauranteed it would be. Does not fill me with hope when they dont know it when it wil even be in the country, let alone at the dealers!!!

I'd also like to let u know i did not pay for my tax and reg fee i dont know if other people have paid for this but if you have tell them you want them to pay it, especially with all the messing around that has happened.

I think they should put lots of freebies in!!!

If anyone knows anything please let me know.............. cos mitsubishi know nothing!!!

Colt CZC offer - Bill Payer
We bought a Colt a year ago, and to be honest, I'm not impressed by the interaction I've had with Mitsubishi (actually the UK arm is Colt Car Company) and the dealership, which I had high hopes of as it's one of those small independant places, and had several very good salespeople, quite cheerfully tried to rip us off over a recent service.

Our car was good value (it's a 5dr CZ1) at £7500 with a/c, but I've seen the same thing for £7K recently. So it's pretty cheap, but the downside is that it feels cheap too.
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
sporty chick: i was told that the problem was with the anti-trap windows and that the production at the pininafarina plant in turin had been halted i was also told by the head office of mitsuibushi UK that it was due to heavy demand (which i knew to be a pack of lies because my dealer showed me on his computer that there were 2000 on order and none being built).

my dealer has been really good thoughout and has even tried on at least 3 occasions to get a dealer transfer with no luck he hasnt even got a CZC in the showroom as he sold their last one about 6 weeks ago.

as for freebies i'd be happy with one of those mitsuibushi jackets the salesman wear LOL

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Colt CZC offer - sporty chick
Any news on when they may be arriving yet? you seem to know more than my dealer does, which does not fill me with hope!! Thay just keep telling me they are on there way on a ferry (must be a very slow ferry, lol!) I want my new car!!!
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
i've just this minete come off the phone with my dealer and they are not i repeat not on any boat/ferry/raft or any other seabourne vehicle of any kind LOL.

i seem to have been fortunate in my choice of dealer he is honest to a fault the entire fleet of CZC,s on order are either still marked as in production or built awaiting shipping.

i should know more tommorrow as my dealer is off to the mitsuibushi Uk HQ for a meeting and is going to raise the issue with the MD.

my dealer is getting increasingly frustrated at the whole affair as he has people ringing everyday tobook test drives and he doesnt have any cars for them to even look at let alone drive.

he did however tell me that the official word from mitsuibushi is that they are going to try to get them to the UK by the end of the month and that they probably wont see a notification of shipping as the crossing is a relatively short one and they will only be notified of arrival in the UK.

my dealer has said he will call me tommorrow or thursday when he returns from the meeting to let me know whats been said so i'll pass that on when i know

he did just offer me a CZ1 orCZ2 but to be honest i dont like them so if they dont arrive by the end of the month im gonna cancel and go for a toyota Auris

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Colt CZC offer - ron08
Saw my dealer today,he was told there was a shipment going out from Italy next week with 200 cars on.
I wait with baited breath lol
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
should we lock all our dealers in the same room for an hour so they can at least get their stories straight LOL

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Colt CZC offer - bimmer-driver
Someones telling fibs here because I went for a test drive in a CZC2 last night. Was only registered yesterday, 17 miles on the clock on an 08 plate. I was really impressed so placed an order for 1 in black. Dealer said they were on a ferry somewhere and was hopeful I would see it before the end of march.
Colt CZC offer - sporty chick
Thanks for the info, you really are more helpful than my dealer and generally anyone at mitsubishi i've dealt with!!

Just come off the phone to the manager at my dealer (guess what they're on a ferry on they're way!! lol). He tells me he knows nothing (no suprise!!) and i asked about the reorted fault but he denies all knowledge, makes you wonder who's being straight with who!

He also blamed it on the italians for having a slow pace of life........ what!!!

I think your right, we should lock them all up in a room, til they figure it out!

And if mines not turned up by end of the month, think i'll go for an audi TT (I wish!)
Colt CZC offer - boxsterboy
if they dont arrive by the end of the month im gonna cancel
and go for a toyota Auris

What, and take your chain-saw to the roof?
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
>> if they dont arrive by the end of the month im gonna cancel
>> and go for a toyota Auris
What and take your chain-saw to the roof?

i think i would have a lot of explaining to do 3 years from now when i tried to hand it back to motabillity if i did that LOL
Colt CZC offer - kimlet65
I've just test driven the CZC 2 and am now realising the difficulty of actually buying one!! I have 3 dealers competing for my business, all promising delivery in April (although it seems my first choice of oriental orange may be a problem!), but I suppose I'll just have to join the queue!!
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
BREAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!(see sky isnt the only people with a rolling breaking news banner!!!!)

its seems there is movement on the delivery front. on Friday 220 CZC's are being loaded onto the ship and the following Friday a further 230 are being loaded.

Unfortunately the colour of these 450 cars wont be known till they arrive they could all be silver LOL. so whats happened is the all the dealers are submitting their orders in date order with the longest waits being given priority rather then sending full ordered amounts to any specific dealer (I.E if one dealer has 5 black on order and 2 of them were ordered last week and the other 3 were ordered in january then that dealer will recieve 3) so basically it a first come first serve scenario so hopefully those of us that have been waiting should have some idea in the next couple of weeks as to when our cars are getting here and hopefully fingers crossed all our cars will be in the first shipment

this information has come from my dealer via a meeting at mitsuibushi HQ today so i think its safe to assume this is as near to the truth as we are going to get so i want to see fingers and toes crossed by everyone and any double jointed people here cross anything else you can too
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
just had my dealer on the phone my cars order status has changed according to his computer which indicates its been shipped.

He told me that this means it could be here soon possible the first week in april so i would suggest anyone else waiting ring your dealer and check on your cars status it looks like things are starting to move
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
with my new car hopefully winging (ok sailing) its way to me i have my old car on EBAY and i have to say the number of people willing to take your word over a trip out to see the car is amazing, i personally would never buy a second hand car i had seen.

one guy just sent me the message if i win i'll pay you cash on saturday when i get back from working away if that alright?.........of course i told it was alright very much alright LOL
Colt CZC offer - richardo
Hi Newbie here.

We have a Peugeot 307 cc HDi which my wife finds too big and cumbersome in town. Motorway trips are a dream though but that's not very often for us.

We sat in a Colt CZC turbo on Wednesday and test drove a 3 door saloon turbo. The CZC was sold so the dealer wouldn't let us drive it. My wife liked it so we started negotiations. The dealer made it very clear delivery would be two months.

We wanted £11,000 for our Peugeot (SE spec plus extras 2005 model) against £15,999 for the CZC plus £300 metallic paint and £225 tax and first reg. Also we took the £200 3-year service option.

The greedy Peugeot dealers in our area were only offering £9,500 px so no deal and we left. By the time we got home dealer was on the phone, with offer of £11,000 for the Peugeot, delivery of a new race blue CZC turbo this Friday and £2,000 off the list price of £15,999 - which looked very high with £3,000 off the CZC1 and CZC2.

We went for the deal and hoping the dealer is true to his word. What discounts are available on new CZC turbos? Seems strange if they are in short supply?

Colt CZC offer - welshlad
the reason they are in short supply is because of shipping problems from the plant in italy where they are built i would be very surprised if they could make good their promise of a car by this friday
Colt CZC offer - sporty chick
Hi, I'm not sure about offers on the czc turbo but i'm waiting for a czc2 and manged to get them down a couple of hundred on the asking price (on top of the £3000 price drop), due a site on the internet offering it a cheaper price. I also got them to pay the tax and reg fee and asked for free mats, i said all this or no deal and i would buy off he particlular site off the net. They offered me evrything i asked including the £200 service fee for £10,400 inc. ( or £9,999 inc on czc1 inc) i think i saved about £600 altogether on evrything they originaly told me they could not remove form the price.

I think if they can offer these deals to me they can offer them to everyone whether its a turbo or basic, so its worth pushing them for any deal.

Good luck!!!

And still no news on my car arriving yet, i live in hope!!!
Colt CZC offer - kimlet65

Well, good luck to you all. I got that fed up of Mitsubishi dealers not ringing me back that I have now ordered a Suzuki Swift 1.6VVT sport, which I take delivery of next Monday!!!

Ok, so it may not be convertible, but having driven a hard top convertible for the last 18mths (Daihatsu Copen), I am aware that the novelty can soon wear off with the bad weather and creaking joints when the roof is up!
Colt CZC offer - Rick o Shea
Hi all, we ordered our orange CZC on 20th Feb and were told it would be here half way through March. Its important that we get it as its for my wife, and her old banger's MOT runs out any day and after that we will have no transport, so its important that we get this car soon.
We did get a good deal on the car, and for the list price we got, different new alloys (we don't like the 08 alloys - and prefer the 07 -7 spokes) front mudflaps, cloth mats, side and boot chrome trims, 1 years car tax and registration fee, 3 years servicing - in with the price. The deal is good, the dealers salesman is a nice bloke.

So there WERE deals on this car.

Our sales man has indicated that there is now no discount on this car due to their availability, i tend to believe him. But whether this is due to no cars being available or just high sales i have no idea.

My 'story' was the they have been made, but we can't get them back, -corporate line, im not sure if this is a cover story for defective anti trap windows or a strike in italy, but lack of ships to get them back? does not sound plausible to me.

The low cost 'specially negociated' for the uk does not wash either as if u check the european sites, they are selling them for the same price (in Euro's of course) so if they are very popular in this country, then you can bet they are across Europe, so maybe pininnfarina's plant may just not be able to cope.

So whats the worst thing that can happen, they rush them through the production process and we get rattly un reliable cars, or we wait till the summer?

Any comments!!!!
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
a delay is acceptable as you say no point getting a defective car because they rushed it though would just be nice to be told exactly whats going on and why they are delayed inside of being given the runaround, im an easy going chap but i hate to be messed around.

i should of got my car on the 5th of march and have had all the reasons under the sun given to me and now i have been told a ship left last friday and another leaves this friday but they 'dont know what cars are on them they could all be silver' which i cant believe have mitsuibushi never heard of a cargo manifest

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Colt CZC offer - Rick o Shea
I think that is spot on.
There have been so many different reasons why we can't have our cars, it turns you into some kind of 'mulder and scully' trying to think through what the truth is.
Maybe Mitsubishi ought to make an official statement, or would that negate its attempt to impress the market, and miss its chance to create a 'hero' car. I suspect yes.

I like you, can put up with lots given the right treatment. I do not want to compromise on quality just to get the car earlier, but do expect mitsubishi to honour the agreement to supply a courtesey car as my wife's car is about to become out of MOT and we have no transport, as the agreed deal has not materialised.

The truth goes a long way, and lets have the right story please.

we love the orange CZC, but since we have ordered it several of our friends have gone out, selected, ordered and taken delivery of their new cars.

It starts to take away the fun of it. That super little car starts to be the source of the millstone hanging round your neck.

I hope our car arrives quickly before it becomes too nmuch and we just cut the string.

Colt CZC offer - Rick o Shea
Have just found this on FT.com, its a buisiness report about Pininfarina in Italy where our cars are coming from.....

The company has been working with Rothschild, the investment bank, and Roland Berger, the consultancy, on a revival. One of its biggest business areas has been car manufacture under contract from big auto companies such as Volvo, Mitsubishi and Fiat. But Pininfarina took on too much work two or three years ago, analysts say, and has struggled with quality control and costs. Some of its models, such as the Alfa Romeo Brera and Mitsubishi Colt CZC, have sold badly, analysts say, in part because delays from recalls and other problems meant the sporty cars had not been available for summer deliveries.

On Monday, the company implied that it would be scaling back its car production activities radically. It talked of a ?more selective approach to contract vehicle manufacturing?. That could see the group?s annual revenues take a huge cut from their current level of about ?670m.

People close to the company say quality has improved substantially in recent months. Banks supporting the company had demanded the capital increase in exchange for restructuring of debt.....

Lets hope this is the REAL reason for the delay, and they have now got the quality issues sorted on our cars.
Colt CZC offer - wjh2
may be a tad off the point, but ive just seen some photographs of the colt 3dr hatchback, black hawk edition. looks stunning. price is good too. engine only 1100, any opinions? is it any good?
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
ive seen the colt black hawk in the flesh not that impressive to be honest its a CZ2 under a different name with a bit of bling
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
we love the orange CZC but since we have ordered it several of our friends
have gone out selected ordered and taken delivery of their new cars.

to be honest even though i have ordered an orange CZC ive not actually seen one in that colour it was a bit of a leap of faith glad to see other people like it
Colt CZC offer - richardo
Further to my last post the dealer confirmed I can collect on Friday 28th. Says it's a stock car they have.

I'm a bit suspicious because orginally they said they had nothing for two months.

I didn't realise Pininfarina was struggling. A bit worried now but then my 307 cc build quality was poor.

Will let you know.

{MEGA SNIPQUOTE of epic proportions}

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Colt CZC offer - richardo
Thinking about what has been said above IMHO the bankers have prevented any stock leaving the factory until the restructuring deal was completed. This would explain the field full of cars not moving to satisfy customer orders, and the delayed cargo shipments.

Bankers would have held these cars as security. Mitsubishi would not have wanted to publicise that the manufacturer of the CZC was seeking refinancing, something best kept quiet.

Anyway it looks as if the cars have all now been released, so mine was probably in the field in the UK rather than held up in Italy. Pininfarina is a big concern, so longterm if the refinancing doesn't work out they will be bought. They have probably subsidised our cars through their losses that's why the cars are cheap. I think I got a good deal due to cash flow requirements at the dealer.

Colt CZC offer - welshlad
that does seem a bit suspicious maybe you could verify the build date im not sure i would want a 'new' car thats been sat in a field for a year!!!!! would appreciate if you could let us know on that.

so far ive not heard about when im going to get mine
Colt CZC offer - richardo

do you know how I can verify the build date?

Thanks in advance

Colt CZC offer - welshlad
the VIN plate should give some indication not sure about the V5 i think that only has date of first registration but i'll check and get back to you on that
Colt CZC offer - Rick o Shea
All, just had a call from the dealer, who has indicated that my car is in 'Portbury' and it is currently in the workshops being 'fitted out'.

I'm not sure exactly what this entails as i thought the car was completed in its entirety at Pininnfarina's.

But the good news is, I should have it within the week.

This does seem funny that all of us now seem to have a firm date this or next week all of a sudden, but i'm not sure I subscribe to the view that they have all been sitting in a field for the last year.

'My' dealer has just sold the last showroom car (in the country he said) and indicates that any new orders of silver will take until June. So this largely rules out the 'field stock' theory in my book.

More to the question of seeing the Orange one before purchase... We struggled to find an Orange one before we ordered, our favourite before this being the 'race blue'. I insisted on seeing an orange one before ordering, and we preferred it as the dealer had black, silver, blue and orange all line dup outside for us to pick from on the day.

I'm not saying everyone will like it best, but the orange interior certainly suited my Mrs. who aftwe half an hour of consideration with the range picked it.

So you pays your money and (eventually) takes your choice!
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
im a bit annoyed you ordered yours after i did and i havent heard anything about mine yet (not that i resent you for getting yours, i resent my dealer saying that they were going prioritize the earlier orders).

all the cars go to the same depot prior to going to the individual dealers as any optional extras even down to the floormats go into the cars after they arrive in the UK. which depending what you have gone for in the present climate would only delay the car further.

i hope i hear something soon as i sold my present car on Ebay and it gets collected on saturday
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! mines at portbury too 'being fitted out' LOL i only ordered mats so thats no big problem my dealer has told me as soon as its valeted and processed though it will be delievered to them so anytime from next week onwards.......not impressed i had to call him to find that out
Colt CZC offer - Armitage Shanks {p}
VIN decoder (for £1.50) at www.vinfinder.com/sms.html
Colt CZC offer - Rick o Shea
Great news welshlad, i'm pleased you are going to receive your car at the same time we do ours.

It kind of supports the dealers theory that they were waiting for the boat...

I spoke to the dealer again this afternoon and more or less challanged him that the boat thing was largely rubbish, and he said, thats the official line, but he can remember this time last year the CZC's suffered from the same delays, and the official line then was that the local port to pinninfarina was unable to acccept boat transporters in/out in bad weather.

So perhaps we ought to give them the benefit of the doubt!

When mine is in (my wife's :-( ) they have the extra's to fit locally (side chrome trim and boot trim mudlaps, mats etc) so it will take a few extra days, especially as they need to fit the mitsi 7 spoke alloys in with the cost :-) I have also passed on to the dealer some stainless(chrome finish) number plate surrounds as personally i fing the front of the czc a bit lacking in detail so should roll out looking a bit different.

I quite fancy the turbo now for my self :-) especially as when we first looked at the czc2 the dealer said the unoffcially the same discount applied offcially to the czc2 un offcially applies to the turbo. ie. if you want a new one, they will sell them for £13,999.
Not sure if this still applies, but to my knowledge the demand for this car centres around the CZC1 and CZC2 so i would expect this price to at least stand.

maybe i'll speak to the man in the cupboard again....
Colt CZC offer - ron08
Just heard today that my orange one is due on Friday at the dealer and should be available to pick up on Tues or Wed next week as soon as they do the pre delivery check and valet the car.
Hope the weather gets better soon cos theres a lot of us poseurs waiting to get out there
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
im already working on my top down driving mix CD

maybe we should all get together we could call ourselves the 2008 mitsuibushi crisis survivors club LOL

Edited by welshlad on 27/03/2008 at 00:19

Colt CZC offer - bimmer-driver
Dealer reckons I should get mine by the middle of next week. Only 2 weeks from ordering to delivery for me but why have some people had to wait so long? Colour choice maybe? Mines in black.
Colt CZC offer - sporty chick
still waiting for my dealer to confirm delivery and actually ring me back!! seem to do all the chasing, promises me he will let me know for def today, fingers crossed!

i'm feeling hopeful as everyone seems to be getting there cars and mine is in black so geuss its nothing to do with the colours more of nonbody knowing what they are doing!!!

i asked yesterday if they were willing compensate for all the messing around and they said they would sort someting out (whatever that means?).

has anyone else asked or is getting compensated in any way?
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
im getting my car on the motabillity scheme so i think it would be cheeky of me to ask for any sort of compensation as the scheme has lots of benifits over normal car ownership as it is
Colt CZC offer - richardo

Picking up my CZC turbo 2morrow morning (Friday 28th March), Race blue. Ordered last Wednesday 19th March. See above for details of the deal.

Will let you guys/gals know how it went.

I'm now 100% sure delivery problems have been down to the bankers/finance guys not releasing stock. None of the other theories makes sense. Field full of cars in the UK not shifting because of bad weather docking boats in Italian port. LOL. Car salesman have it easy if we are so gullible.

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 28/03/2008 at 00:49

Colt CZC offer - Rick o Shea
Glad to hear you are getting your car within a week Ricardo, but to be frank the delays never were on a turbo. Although the salesmen i have spoke to, openly admit they are instructed to sell a turbo for £13999 plus whatever you can get out of them, but its not advertised. - Hence the availability of turbo's. (that and the grade 15 insurance :-P )

I have an open mind on the delays, but i doubt if the bankers could delay to such an extent. When i firm is in receivership they do have that kind of power, but not just because the company is asking for further funds to increse the quality control/investment within the company.

Let us know how you get on with the car, be interesting if anyone has any issues with the new cars.
Colt CZC offer - richardo
Rick, Welsh and all others on this post.

I collected the CZC turbo (race blue) this morning. The dealer called at 09.00 to say their valet guy had called in sick so could they delay. I wasn't that enthusiastic but gave them an extra hour or so.

The car had 90 miles on the clock, billed as new, certainly hadn't been registered, but the valeting was poor. I think it had been at another dealers with the roof down and as a result had bits of tree in it. A very lack lustre valet by a contractor meant the car wasn't clean and has scuff marks inside. Rather annoyingly the mats I ordered were "on back order" The paper mats they provided dissolved as it was very wet, so we now have no mats and sodden bits of paper in the footwells. The cover to the 12v socket (cigarette lighter) is missing.

Whilst dissappointed that the car is dirty, in reality my wife wants everything immediately, so better to put the Karcher over it than wait two months. The dealer said it's frantic, end of month, end of quarter, probably end of financial year.

Apart from the disappointment of receiving a dirty new car, it drives better than I expected. We are on a downhill slope XJ6, Audi TT Roadster, Peugoet 307cc. The Colt, has more road noise at speed ,but it is fun to drive (only done 30 miles though).

Overall I'm happy as in our family a new car is very secondhand within a week. But I will email the dealer to say I'm unhappy that the "new car is dirty and has scuff marks".

As for discount, I agree with Rick that the discounts on the Turbo are poor compared to the CZC 1 and 2. IG 15 is no joke, but we are both 52, the lack for any spare wheel is also a worry.

But it is probably a good town car, and the wife will feel good in it with the roof down.

Thanks all

Colt CZC offer - richardo

I forgot to add the dealer was very coy about the reasons for the non-availability of cars. I got two different stories about the origins of my "new" car. (One it was in another branch, the other it was an inter-dealer transfer).

The salesman did say the boat load last week was meant to have 220 cars, but only had 80.

I doubt we will ever hear the truth, but in my experience if companies need refinancing, whilst the talking is going on, the assets are ring-fenced by the current bankers.

The salesman said the cars are brought in and there is a third party finance arrangement lasting a couple of months. After that the dealer has to pay for the car. With hindsight I guess they would have had to buy mine 1st April so I might have done better. However I had to demand the half tank of petrol we had agreed (arguing over an extra gallon or a fiver in the end!!) so I guess times are hard...

Colt CZC offer - welshlad
i really hope that the things you described are a sign of a poor dealership and not an indication of mitsuibushi service as a whole. in three years time when i change cars i dont think i'll be going back to mitsuibushi as i dont think anyone who's dealt with them in the last 6 months has had a good ride
Colt CZC offer - Bill Payer
i dont think i'll be going back to mitsuibushi as i dont think anyone who's dealt with them
in the last 6 months has had a good ride

Don't think I would buy another Mitsubishi.

I was particularly unhappy (as it's going to cost me £500 or so) that they wouldn't let us take out the Mitsubishi Service Plan which was introduced 3mths after we bought our car. Other manufacturers will allow you take out such plans anytime in the first year of ownership.

To make matter worse, servicing is a complete rip-off. The dealer quotes ex-vat prices (£125 for the 1st year service, quoted by 2 people at the dealership) then cheerfully presents a bill for £199, explaining the difference by saying "oh, it seems we used the expensive oil"!!!

The service schedule demands that the pollen filter is changed every year which bumps the cost up by about £30, and also there's a body check, essential for maintaining the corrosion warranty that is a completely separate, additional half hour charge. I wasn't even offered this, so the body section of the service book wasn't stamped therefore now the body warranty is invalidated.
Colt CZC offer - richardo
Welsh and others...

I think we had a poor valet. The car is fine. OK still early days but having moved from a XJ6 to a TT roadster to a 307 cc and now the Colt CZC turbo the Colt compares very well.

The TT (224 turbo) was cloth cap, very fast and fun the drive. But cramped (two seats) and very harsh ride.

The 307cc is billed as a grand cruiser (I once owned a Sunbeam Alpine convertible) and it is very comfortable, great on motorways, but in town a lumbering oafish car with astonishingly poor visibility. I'm 6'3" and my wife is 5"3.5' and neither of us felt safe manoevering it in tight spaces. Build quality was poor and scuttle shake noticeable. It was the HDi model but MPG was stuck at 37.6 throughout our ownership. I understand the petrol models only get into the low 20s. (Bring back my XJ6).

The Colt is better than the 307 in build quality, and scuttle shake with the roof down is BETTER than the TT and 307. With roof up not noticeable. It feels solid and well built.

My boys are > 6' and we reckon we could seat 4 for short trip with wife driving. Big advantage over the Tigra and 207.

The Turbo is quite like the older TT (turbo) to drive but less than half the price. Tin top a great advantage.

It's build quality is between Audi and Peugeot. I agree that the dealer has let us down, but overall we are very happy, and we expect very high standards.

I describe the car as small, rounded with a big rear end, but a right little goer - just like my wife -lol

So far 32 mpg - well below the claimed figure of 39


Edited by Dynamic Dave on 29/03/2008 at 22:48

Colt CZC offer - welshlad
32mpg is a little dissapointing but that should settle to a better number when the cars run in a bit more (i hope so the 2ltr Dodge caliber i test drove even managed 31mpg
Colt CZC offer - sporty chick
Hi has anyone's car arrived at the dealer yet? I still have no word from my dealer, very dissapointed with the service especially now the sun has come out to play! :-(
Colt CZC offer - bimmer-driver
Well I'm really cheesed off now. I expected to collect mine this weds and now my dealers phoned to say it hasen't even been built yet so will be another 2 weeks atleast.
Colt CZC offer - Armitage Shanks {p}
Not yet built, in Italy?, and in UK in 14 days time? Dream on!
Colt CZC offer - daveyjp
If the dealer hasn't got a build week I'd be cancelling the car - ask him.

On both occasions of buying an Audi I have been informed of the build week about 4 weeks before, delivery being a week or so after this.
Colt CZC offer - madf
Without wishing to be alarmist, IF Pininfarina are refinancing and cutting back production, then the outlook for future bodypart spares - or anything unique to the model - could be problematic in the future. And if new car delivery is delayed, I shudder to think of spare parts...
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
this is getting beyond a joke now i think its time for a group action towards mitsuibushi UK any suggestions
Colt CZC offer - bimmer-driver
Just seen my dealer face to face and he said whats already been said on here before- that the cars are made and waiting in Italy, just that Mitsubishi UK don't know whats on the boat untill they open its doors at the docks. The boat that arrived the other day didn't have many black ones on it so I'm having to wait. I've now told him I'm not too fussy on colour in the hope it may get here sooner.
Apparently there's a meeting at Mitsubishi HQ tomorrow when things may be clearer.
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
will that meeting be along the same lines as the one 2 weeks ago that was supposed to make things clearer LOL
Colt CZC offer - Armitage Shanks {p}
That sounds to me like a load of "plural and bouncing!" Does anybody really think that a load of RHD cars are produced in a factory in Italy, loaded on a ferry to bring them to UK and the importers don't know what they are getting until they arrive? Surely they have sepcific colours ordered and built and the problem is just a delay, not the wrong colours turning up? Don't sound like very sharp or clever people with whom to do business!

Edited by Armitage Shanks {p} on 31/03/2008 at 21:39

Colt CZC offer - Pugugly
Will the guys get their cars before this thread hits a century ? - The tension.
Colt CZC offer - welshlad
Will the guys get their cars before this thread hits a century ? - The

shouldnt the question be will we get our cars by the turn of the next century
Colt CZC offer - 007
Why are some posters in this thread sending each other Lots Of Love?
Colt CZC offer - Billy Whizz
007, I think they are Laughing Out Loud
Colt CZC offer - Rick o Shea
Welshlad sporty et all...

The latest for me is the car's status has changed at Portbury, and it has been through the workshops and is now listed as ready for dispatch.
Apparently usually 2 days later it arrives at the dealer...

Which in our case means, they are still on for delivery at the tail end of this week, which is exactly what they promised.

My dealer has asked that we start the insurance today and get the cover note sent to them directly so they can register the number (we bought a 08 personal plate from DVLA). Admittidly we got a good deal from M&S insurance for the czc but its still costing us £14 a month, to insure, so if it does not arrive this week i'll want to know why we are insuring a car we don't have.

I don't think they would ask me for this to register the car if they didnt expect a vin number to attach it to.

All this gives me a reasonable amount of confidence that it is actually going to arrive soon, especially as I got the dealer to sign on to a receipt for my deposit which ties the delivey date to no later than 4th April.

A big plus in this deal, is the dealer we have gone to also is a large Honda dealer on the same premises. I'm hoping that the extremely high Honda standards of customer support is applied throughout its dealership, and we are getting the right awnsers, and not tall stories. Only time will tell, but I rejected two other Mitsubishi dealerships closer to where i live as I thought they were 'strangers to the truth' and as chance may have it they were soley mitsubushi, and in hindsight, this may be a really good miss.

Anyway, thanks richardo for an excellant report of the czc with reference to quality etc, if anyone actually gets theirs further reports will be welcomed.

Will keep you guys advised.....

Colt CZC offer - welshlad
All this gives me a reasonable amount of confidence that it is actually going to
arrive soon especially as I got the dealer to sign on to a receipt for
my deposit which ties the delivey date to no later than 4th April.

sorry thats means nothing i have been paying for the car since the first week in march
Colt CZC offer - Pugugly
Pooh ! Locked an "Volumized"

Value my car