A dealer won't send my car's documents, so I can't tax or insure it - what do I do?

I bought a used car online. The seller said he was a trader and the car was advertised as a part-exchange, just MoT'd with a one year warranty. I booked to view it (80 miles away) over the weekend at his house. I loved the car, so went into his house and he had about 10 logbooks. He said he worked for a major dealer and he has a few of the old part-exchanges to make a few quid rather than them going to auction. The car was for my son (just passed his test) and was advertised for £800. I offered £750 and asked for the paperwork. He said it was at work because he didn't think he would sell it that weekend, so he would post all the documents when he went to work on Monday. When I got home, I checked the DVLA and discovered it had no MoT or tax. I have the car, but no logbook - so I can't tax, MoT or insure it now. I've tried ringing him to no avail. When I took it to my local garage, it failed on a few things - costing £170 to put right, which I havent had done yet. Where do I stand with him?

Asked on 14 March 2018 by christine jones

Answered by Honest John
He's stitched you up, but the amounts involved are so small it probably isn't worth pursuing through the courts. Once the car has an MoT, you can insure it. Then you can use a form V62 to register it in your name and tax it: www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attac.../

Or you can do this at some larger Post Offices. These are your legal rights, but I don't think it's worth pursuing for the hassle and the costs involved: www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/consumer-rights
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