High Mileage Mondeo - Richie_green

Been looking around for a family car with a budget of £2k.
I have looked at a Y reg Mondeo in the new shape priced at £1995. The vehicle has 103000 on the clock and has full service history - it seems perfect for us.
My question is , is this too good to be true?
The dealer has offered 6 months warranty and a service.

High Mileage Mondeo - Pugugly {P}
What engine ?
High Mileage Mondeo - Richie_green
Its a 1.8 LX.
The car is on this site - www.westbournemotorcompany.co.uk/20063/stocklist.h...m (second last page)
High Mileage Mondeo - mss1tw
Hmmm. They also accepted this 'thing' as a trade-in presumably.

High Mileage Mondeo - Richie_green
Yeah saw that 'car' today! Looks worse close up. Perfect for a girl racer I suppose!
High Mileage Mondeo - flunky
My question is is this too good to be true?

Depends on the engine and trim-level. For a base 1.8 it's about the right price. Mondeos depreciate very badly.
High Mileage Mondeo - Richie_green
It is the base model so thanks for your response
High Mileage Mondeo - flunky
It is the base model so thanks for your response

Seems a decent spec for base model: CD, air con, full electric windows. Pretty much all that you'd want in a comfortable £2k car.
High Mileage Mondeo - injection doc
Are they connected in anyway to westbourne vehicle accident recovery ?
High Mileage Mondeo - DavidHM
If the car's in good condition, everything works and it's HPI clear, it's a bargain. Not unbelievably cheap but definitely on the cheap side and the mileage wouldn't worry me at all; very few people would buy a Mondeo to do 6k a year and 103k is only 17k pa on a six-year-old car.

But don't buy a car that's less good than you normally would just because it's less expensive - fixing a list of minor problems on a car like this will work out more expensive than buying one that's right from the start.
High Mileage Mondeo - Richie_green
Not sure if connected to Vehicle recovery - apparently the car has 1 company owner.

I am very keen on the car but am cautious by nature. We have been looking at Megane Scenics but they have been older and at the same mileage, which makes this car more attractive
High Mileage Mondeo - Ruperts Trooper
What Car dealer price guide is £2160.

It's easy to use to "value" potential purchases yourself, there are others on the web as well.
High Mileage Mondeo - bell boy
if its a proper warranty the dealer is local and trusted then better the devil you know
High Mileage Mondeo - Mike H
Company car, highish mileage is actually good news - as long as it's well maintained. Hopefully it will have been properly serviced and it's every need attended to. I've had a few ex-company cars which have always been good buys.
High Mileage Mondeo - DP
Company car highish mileage is actually good news - as long as it's well maintained.

I agree. My old Focus would typically cover 600-800 miles in a week, and typically was only started from cold once a day. Apart from the odd weekend, it never did a journey under 50 miles in its life. Great news for engine life.

High Mileage Mondeo - Boggy
I looked at loads before I bought mine, there are loads about, and this one seems a bargain if you're getting a service and half a year's warranty thrown in! Go for it. Have you had a test drive? Is the service history consistent? Look at any bills and reciepts that come with it, make sure it's been looked after. It's a Ford, parts grow on trees, so if it needs a little work to make it perfect then so be it. I test drove Audis BMWs and Mercs before I bought my Mondeo, and it's a lot of car for the money. Looks like 'nantucket grey metallic' as well, very desirable colour. Highly recommended.
High Mileage Mondeo - wazza
remember a while back if the bushes goes in the rear subframe you have to replace the subframe because bushes were not available seperately. Has that changed now? Can you get an overhaul kit?

Also the doors suffered from corrosion
High Mileage Mondeo - davidh
Could be just the angle, but in the front three quarter foto, that front offside wing looks a different colour to me like its been re-sprayed. Might be worth checking that out.
High Mileage Mondeo - Collos25
Scanned there web site I bet he is quite a rich guy if he can get those sort of prices.
High Mileage Mondeo - Marc
The colour is "Medium Steel Blue" - that car is identical in spec, colour and age to the one I used to own. It looks in remarkable condition (except that front wheel trim) for a 2 grand motor. As long as the history checks out and it drives OK it must be good value...
High Mileage Mondeo - Kuang
Wazza - Apparently the existing subframe can now be patched up with new bushes and glue at a fraction of the cost - it needs a custom tool to do it though, and I don't know if these are available to indie mechanics.
High Mileage Mondeo - bell boy
Kuang i saw a so called mechanic with this special tool a few weeks ago
i still call them a manchester screwdriver though
High Mileage Mondeo - Kuang
Heh... I assumed it was something special, and would probably resemble a cross between a designer corkscrew and something from Mr Spock's toolkit.

Clearly there's still a lot to be said for the 'gi' it some welly' school of auto maintenance, as demonstrated by the venerable Bodgitt & Scarper Ltd. :)

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