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I have now ordered my new mini - and thanks to everyone on here with advice over the past few months which has finally led to me doing so - and I have been sent a leaflet about "BMW Seal and Protect" which, apparently, "using high-performance sealants, involves a dealership-applied BMW ard Wax to exterior paintwork and, as a result, exterior surface resilience and water repellence is increased by over 300%". According to the blurb, the long-standing protection that this provides simulaneously has a regenerating effect on the paintwork, for a lasting shine. (quote). The cloth upholstery and carpet are also treated with a protection system. This is at the cost of £250 (to include various BMW car cleaning products in a handy carry case). I am assuming (being cynical) that this is not worth the money but does anyone have any views/experience/comments which will help me feel I am not being ignorant and passing up an opportunity to protect my investment here?

Your responses much appreciated as usual.

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This stuff has been knocking about for years - money spinner for the dealer. You can buy the raw materials for under £20 and DIY on a Sunday afternoon if you want. Personally I am skeptical that the stuff is any better than a monthly wash and wax.
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If I was buying a new car and the dealer asked me if I would like the waterproofing of the paintwork increased by 300% at my own expense, I would be tempted to reply along the lines of, "No, thank you, please paint it properly to start with, using suitable materials for the job".
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I used to apply this sort of stuff for a living and its far better to spend £20 a month having a quick valet which will keep your car properly clean and maybe a polish every 6 months.
The mark up on this stuff is almost criminal and the dealership I worked for straight out lied about how long it takes to apply - they said it takes 6 hours - it didnt, it took and extra hour on top of the usual full valet we gave to new cars.

Dont get duped and find a good local valeter, just make them a cup of coffee and maybe a Hobnob and they will look after you :)

Just remember, this application wont stop your car looking dirty after a few weeks whereas a regular valet will.
BMW Seal and Protect - Aprilia

Which was the good Suzuki agent you mentioned?

Also, is their a national association of valeters or some such organisation?
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Thanks everyone. Suspicions confirmed.

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