Peugeot 406 TD windscreen wipers - marsh82

My Peugeot 406 TD has developed a fault in which the 5 position wiper knob only works in the highest (fast sweep) position. Im assuming its just a fuse or two blown.

How can i check/rectify this??

Its winter, and raining! lol. i need a quick fix!!!

Peugeot 406 TD windscreen wipers - RichardW
It's unlikely to be a fuse fault. Either there's a fault with the switch, or the wiper itself - you'll need to get a multimeter or test lamp on it to find out which.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Peugeot 406 TD windscreen wipers - Robin the Technician
This is most likely the switch - most cars today use ones manufactured by Valeo which are at best are not top quality. Before going to the expense of changing the switch it may be worth disconnecting and reconnecting the multiplug as these do suffer from bad contact.

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