I'm rejecting a car but the dealer is deducting £2000 for loss of value, is this fair?

I purchased a BMW X3 2019 model in Jan 2023 and it has developed issues with its brake discs. I have given the dealer four opportunities to repair but they have not been able to.

I have now rejected the car as I raised the issue within six months. They are now deducting £2000 for seven months which I find quite excessive given the hassle I have been through. How is usage normally calculated and how do I know this figure is fair?

Asked on 31 July 2023 by Neermal Kumar Soburrun

Answered by David Ross
The dealer is entitled to claim a reduction in the value of the vehicle based on the time elapsed and also the mileage covered, but there is no hard and fast rule around this. Although you have been through a great deal of disruption because of the problems, this calculation does not take this into account, and is purely based on the loss of value in the car. You can try and negotiate this figure with the dealer, but as with any negotiation it is important to be realistic in order to get a resolution.
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