Accent-cdx abs problem - DaG
Hi all.
The abs on my car is coming on when it shouldn't.
It does it under light braking & kicks in just before the car stops, the last metre or 2 before stopping.
The abs light has never came on apart from the usuall - on for a few seconds when first switching on the ignition.
Also there is a clicking/ticking sound coming from the front nearside of the car. This sound starts as soon as I touch the brake pedal, but goes away when I release the pedal.
The brakes work perfectly but the abs coming on is a pain & scares passengers with the noise it makes,not to mention me. :-)
Thanks for any help.
Accent-cdx abs problem - adverse camber
get the wheel off and check the reluctor ring and teh sensor.
Might find that the ring is corroded or cracked. - might mean a new cv joint - Im not up on bmws.
Accent-cdx abs problem - adverse camber
sorry hyundi - dunno where that came from.
Accent-cdx abs problem - DaG
I think you might be right, I found this after looking on the net.
They describe my problem a few paragraphs down, the green lettering.

Hopefully my sensors just need cleaning & not replacing.
All I need now is to find out what is making the ticking noise when I brake.
Accent-cdx abs problem - DaG
I found the problem there is a tooth missing from the toothed ring on the end of the driveshaft.
I suppose this means a new driveshaft. (:-(
Accent-cdx abs problem - Aprilia
I think you'll find its part of the CV joint.
Accent-cdx abs problem - DaG
Will that be a dealer part, or are they available from others?

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