Engine replacement cost means my MINI will be written off - can I do anything?

I own a 2006 Mini One Convertible that has recently been diagnosed with missed combustion in cylinder . The garage have said that lack of compression means piston/crank/valve or cylinder head problems and that the cost of replacing these parts (and I guess machining etc) outweighs the cost of replacing the whole engine. The quote for the engine replacement is greater than the market value of the car! Does this sound correct?

I have spoken to Mini who claim that the car is outside of their 'goodwill' time frame and therefore will not help. The car has done fewer than 50k miles and has a FSH, always with a MINI dealer.

Asked on 24 September 2012 by KathPhi

Answered by Honest John
Get another quotation for an engine rebuild from www.fer.co.uk than make your decision based on that.
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