Audi A4 overcooling - mille

I bought a 1996 Audi A4 recently.Its been giving abit of trouble since he got it.
The radiater fan always comes on even first thing in the morning when the car is cold. Yesterday morning the car cut out after about 10 minutes driving and would not start for about 15 minutes
Also while driving it takes ages for the temp gauge to move to the middle (it never goes to the red) and stays and usually goes back on cold after a while.

Any ideas whats causing this and why would the rad fan be contantly on?

Thanks in advance
A4 overcooling - Sprice
Maybe its been wired to a permanent feed by the seller as it was previously overheating? The temp guage should not go to the red, but remain in the 'normal' range somewhere. Also, another reason for taking a long time to warm up is a thermostat stuck open / missing.
A4 overcooling - thomp1983
try the coolant temperature sensor, my a4 tdi is very slow to show a temperature on the guage although the car heats up normally according to vagcom and i was informed by an audi forum it's likely the cts sensor there about £30 i think.

Audi A4 overcooling - Big John
Are you sure its the rad fan, could be the climate control fan?

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