Mazda 626 Alarm/Immobiliser - dj67blue
I have lost the Keypod for my Alarm/immobiliser for my 1992 626. It was a (supposed) factory fitted item as the pod had "Mazda Finish Line" on it. I have already been in touch with Mazda but according to them my car was not fitted with an alarm/immobiliser Anyone any idea how to get past this big problem ??
Mazda 626 Alarm/Immobiliser - bell boy
call an auto electrician if you are not conversant with electickery,honestly its the safest option,your local independant garage will give you the name of a trusted one that will know a fuse from a ruse
Mazda 626 Alarm/Immobiliser - dj67blue
anyone know where the control box for immobiliser is so i can bypass it??

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