Fiesta Liquid Noise - wjh
Car is a November 2004 (54) Fiesta 1.25
The problem is when driving with no other noise (ie. fans, CD) I can sometimes hear a noise that sounds very much like a liquid - as if there were a bottle of water on the passenger seat. There is no liquid container in the car that I can see - and from the driver's seat it sounds very much like the noise is coming from the glovebox area. I don't think it happens all the time - I often notice when starting off on a journey. Is this just a vehicle characteristic??? Or any other ideas???
Fiesta Liquid Noise - Spospe
I used to hear such a noise on my 1985 Rover 216 and never, ever got to the bottom of it in 7 years of ownership.

At one time I thought it might be water sloshing about in the heater air-intake after heavy rain, but as mentioned I was unable to prove it.
Fiesta Liquid Noise - mfarrow
I think it's just when it's been raining and the water gets trapped in places. I've noticed streams of water down our driveway when the Fiesta sets off, though I've never heard it in the car though, only in a Sunny.

Mike Farrow
Fiesta Liquid Noise - wjh
We havent had a drop of rain in ages though! Very odd.
Fiesta Liquid Noise - P 2501
I hear this sometimes in my fathers punto - i think his is an air lock in the cooling system circuit. Something to try perhaps
Fiesta Liquid Noise - Peter D
It sounds, no punn intened, as if you have an air lock in the cooling system and you can hear the air gurgling through the heater matrix. Also check for water loss and possible head gasket failure. Do not leave the air lock in the system as this may cause localised ob=verheating and damage. Get it bled and topped up. Regards Peter
Fiesta Liquid Noise - jc2
If it's a Fiesta it's unlikely to have an airlock in the heater unless for some reason the heater hoses have been connected back to front;the bottom hose should take the water from the engine; the top should be the return line.
Fiesta Liquid Noise - Falkirk Bairn
A few years back when I had 2 sons @ Uni they used a Vauxhall (Astra2 yr old) - Occasionally I would drive it - when it needed fuel/servicing (anything where ££s were involved). They played their stereo very loudly and never heard the water running - a bit like plumbing in some homes.

On investigation the water in the radiator was low and it was this that made the running water type noise - Radweld or Barrs leaks fixed the leak, left the car to heat up with radiator cap off and topped up with some more anti-freeze. 4 years later the car was sold and in that time there was no repitition.

I would check the water level and you may find that there is a need for more water and maybe an airlock involved.
Fiesta Liquid Noise - Simon
Has it lost any water at all? If not then I wouldn't worry about it unduly. I see that the car is only a '54 reg so you are still well within your warranty if anything goes wrong.
Fiesta Liquid Noise - johnny
I had glazed rear brake shoes which sounded just like water sloshing about oddly enough !
Fiesta Liquid Noise - wjh
No water loss. Car runs like a dream.
Fiesta Liquid Noise - Blue {P}
I used to own a 2003 Fiesta 1.4 and mine made exactly the same noise, it's just a characteristic of the car I'm afraid, absoloutely nothing to worry about, and despite ending up working for the dealership that sold me the car I never did find out which part of the car made the sloshy noise.

I also noticed that it would do it the middle of a drought, so clearly had nothing to do with rainwater etc.

Fiesta Liquid Noise - wjh
OK thank you this is reassuring. Next time the car goes in I might get them to just check over the coolant system to see if there is anything that can be done.
Fiesta Liquid Noise - stuartl
My V reg combo van makes this sound but this I know is lack of baffles in the Diesel Tank.

I know the sound you mean, I had it in a Vauxhall Carlton a few years ago.....this time it was water collecting in the bulkhead under the bonnet where the drain holes had blocked with bits of leaf. Only thing was in clearing them I cut my finger right open on a piece of glass that was also blocking the hole...OUCH! :(

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