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What's the best car with a baby on the way?

My son is changing his car as he has a baby is on the way. He was thinking about a SUV or crossover as they will need a decent amount of boot space. After reading your reviews for many years, I was thinking about the new Civic or a 308.
He doesn't use the car during the week, locally at weekend apart for the once monthly 360 mile round trip to visit us.

Asked on 19 September 2018 by sjh

Answered by Andrew Brady
With a new baby, your son would probably appreciate the extra space of an SUV, and they won't necessarily be more expensive to buy or run than the equivalent hatchback. We really rate the Skoda Kodiaq (in fact, it was our 2018 Car of the Year), and it's got loads of room for baby paraphernalia. If your son would prefer something slightly smaller, the Skoda Karoq and SEAT Ateca both represent excellent for money.
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