Audi S6 - peterb

Audi (bless them) invited me to a test drive day, to try three cars at a local health spa.

And they had the new Gallardo-engined S6 to play with! (414 bhp in a five-seater saloon.)

I cannot describe to you how good this engine is ? if I had the money, I?d buy one just to listen to it! The car itself is, as you?d expect, supremely competent, but as is often the case with 4WD, it?s secure rather than exciting.

After the S6, the 3.2 A4 cabrio seemed dull ? I didn?t like it as much as A4 saloons I?ve driven. Final car was the V6 TT which Mrsb wanted to try ? she loved it, and I?ve now got to persuade her we can?t afford it!

Does anyone have a spare £60k they could give me?

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