Volvo is missing its spare wheel

I ordered an XC90 in June. On the order it stated that a temporary spare wheel would be supplied FOC.

When I collected the car in October the invoice stated the same. However, on hand over, the car was found to have no spare wheel but a compressor and tin of sealant. It did have a jack kit and I am informed that cars with the compressor etc do not have a jack kit. The dealer admits that they made an error and have offered to sell me the spare wheel only for £198.

If ordered on a new car the wheel, lowering kit and jack kit is £150. I have rejected their offer and asked them to fulfill the contract - they have refused.

Is there anything further I can do? I recently suffered a front wheel puncture in a snowstorm on a French Autoroute and the experience has convinced me that not supplying a spare wheel is absolute insanity!

Asked on 30 January 2013 by Paul Tyler

Answered by Honest John
Brochure description does not always match what you actually get. But if your invoice expressly states that the car comes with a space saver spare wheel and it didn't, then you have not got what you paid for and you can use to compel the dealer to supply the space saver spare.
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