Can I use my old C30 spare on my new C30?

My wife sold her Volvo C30 Diesel 1.4 after 4 years and 3000miles and bought a new Volvo C30 petrol 1999cc R Lux. A spare was purchased for the old diesel car.

On car change over the spare was changed over to the new car with a jack but no wheel brace because of special wheel nuts?

I am worried that the spare wheel is a 16inch the new car wheels are 18 inch. (I am not sure if a special wheel nut is required).

Would it be safe to change a wheel if a puncture happened? I don't drive her car at 83 yrs and I am rather worried.

Asked on 6 May 2013 by RayHonda

Answered by Honest John
Yes, the steel spare may need different, shouldered bolts. But get a tape measure and measure the circumference of the 18" tyres and the 16" spare. If they are roughly the same, the the 16" is ok to use as a temporary spare at speeds up to 50mph. Note that braking will be affected, especially in the wet.
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