Where to get a spare wheel for a Volkswagen Up?

I want to buy a spare wheel for a Volkswagen Up to replace standard mobility kit, my vehicle has 15" wheels (standard for the High Up model), the spare available from Volkswagen is only a 14" wheel, is that OK to fit in an emergency situation?

Secondly, a previous HJ article said a spare wheel was recommended as it would cost only £50, the dealer I spoke to today said it was £143 for the steel wheel, tyre and the tool kit (jack etc) which amazingly does not come with the vehicle.

Can you suggest somewhere I get one cheaper, ie is any 15" Volkswagen wheel compatible with an Up?

Asked on 26 February 2013 by RogerN

Answered by Honest John
You could try My Tyres (bit.ly/2I7N1bv) or www.tyremen.co.uk
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