Why won't the dealer spec both a sunroof and spare wheel on the same car?

I bought a new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. It had to be ordered as I spec'd a spare wheel. When I collected the car, there was no spare wheel but the rubber injection kit instead. On complaining, I was told that because I had ordered a sunroof it would violate their conditions of sale to provide a spare wheel. Why can they do this? Is there anyway I can purchase a wheel as they wouldn't sell me one? I'm uncomfortable travelling without the spare. Hope you can help.

Asked on 3 August 2020 by Michael Casterton

Answered by Andrew Brady
It's all down to emissions. By the time you've added the weight of the panoramic sunroof and spare wheel, the RAV4 officially emits more CO2 and the first year's tax will cost more. To get around this, Toyota offers a tyre repair kit instead of the full-sized spare wheel. They should be able to sell you one as an aftermarket accessory, though. Try a different dealer.
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