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I will be driving from Hamburg to Malmo soon and I'm undecided whether to take the ferry from Puttgarden over to Rodby or go the long way round. As far as I can tell the ferry will cost about £85 so it looks like that is the expensive option. Also It looks like there is a bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo. Presumably this is a toll bridge. Do any backroomers have experience/advice for this route?

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Never been there but i'm interested. When you wrote the "long way round", I took that literally i.e. via Poand, Russia and Finland!

The Oresund Bridge apparently has a toll of 32 euros:, so you save £65 over the ferry. Going that way is about 300 miles. I can't find Rodby on Google Earth though.

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I've done this route numerous times (used to live in Denmark).

The ferry route (Puttgarden-Rodby) is a lot less driving, but scarcely any quicker in door-to-door time. Costs are about equal too.

The ferry runs every 30 mins from Puttgarden to Rodby and costs about 50 Euros each way. You can just turn up and buy a single on departure. It's a 45 minute crossing. The downside of this route is that the last 35km-odd up to Puttgarden are single-carriageway and can be slow-going. Also, If it's a busy holiday weekend there will be an hour-long wait or more to queue for the next free ferry. But a lot less driving time behind the wheel.

If you drive up "the long way" via Flensburg and into Denmark I recall it's about 100 miles extra driving, and you also have to pay about £20 quid each way to cross the Storebaelt bridge linking the 2 principal Danish islands.

Whichever way you go, you're then faced with the Oresundbaelt bridge which again is about 20 quid each way as mare says.

If you like sailing, i'm pretty sure there's a ferry that runs from Travemunde (Lubeck) directly to Sweden (Ystad I think, 50km east of Malmo)?!

Whichever you choose, prices in Sweden for fuel etc were consistently cheaper than in Denmark, so fill-up in the right place!
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The Oresund fixed link (the bridge to you and me) is one of the most breathtaking pieces of modern construction I have ever seen.

Prices are listed here:
Facts, history, and some photos ar available elsewhere on this site.

Enjoy the drive and the destination.
Germany to Sweden route - SjB {P}
Note if you pay on line in advance the price of a single trip plumets (and two on-line purchases singles are approximately half of what a return purchased "on the day" is)
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I did the Puttgarden to Rodbyhavn ferry long before the Great Belt and Oresund were bridged, you can stop at Lubeck on the way to Puttgarden, a beautiful city. Why not do both, Puttgarden on the way there, the new bridges on the return.

Otherwise if you want to see Denmark and do Copenhagen on the way then taking the Ferry from Falkenberg (Sweden) to Grena (Denmark) on the return enables a good bit of mainland Denmark to be seen.

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