Insurance for over 80's - artful dodger {P}
My parents are finding, that due to their ages, insurance is more difficult to get a quote. My Father is 84 and my Mother is 80 and they drive a new Civic. Currently they are insured with Saga, which runs out in about 3 weeks time. Saga are happy to continue their insurance, but naturally my parents want the best deal.

They have a maximum no claims bonus and have had no accidents for over 20 years. They have tried Confused, but it crashed on them before any quotes were offered.

Are there any specialist insurance companies or brokers that deal with older drivers that you can recommend?

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Insurance for over 80's - stunorthants
The AA is very good for high-risk younger drivers and for my father on a high powered coupe ( he's 67 ) they were easily the best, so maybe they have a good contact for the higher risk drivers?
I have had my cars insured with them for years as they have always been cheapest and very few companies have got anywhere near them, plus their customer service is pretty fine in my experience.
Insurance for over 80's - maclean
Hi - the 3 schemes that come to mind are :-

Age Concern
Help the Aged

For over 80's premiums start increasing quite rapidly.Confused will not offer many choices at this age level.

Insurance for over 80's - Galaxy
I had this problem with getting insurance for my late Father's car. He drove a car until he was 85, when his sight sadly failed.

It's virtually impossible to obtain an insurance quote from another company above a certain age, which does vary from insurer to insurer. Saga will quote at any age, but you won't find any other company to take you over the age of 80, other than the company you're already with.

I'm afraid that, at this sort of age, it just isn't possible to shop around to get the best deal, it's more a case of finding a company which is prepared to take you. You can forget any of the "Direct" type companies too, they just cherry pick, anyway.

You are also facing a considerable age-related loading at this sort of age, in just the same way as you do when you're 18.

The last insurance company my Father was with were Skandia, or a name very similar. You could try them for a quote, I think they do cater for the older driver. You might do better going to a broker.
Insurance for over 80's - Dulwich Estate
My dad was covered by Prudential until he died at 84. Since then the insurance was transferred to my 77 year old mother. His last premium was around £215 for a 1.3 Toyota Yaris. She pays £230.
Insurance for over 80's - No FM2R
Unless the premium is truly unacceptable, then I would recommend remaining where they are and avoiding complications - certificate requirements, health checks etc. etc.

If you really want to see how their premium compares, then try putting their age as 60 & 85 into another company. That won't tell you whether or not they'll take people in their 80s, but it should help you understand if there is money to be saved, or if there premium is reasonably in line with the market. If the quote for a 65 year old is within 15% of their quote, then I'd say they were doing well.
Insurance for over 80's - Cliff Pope
Isn't this sort of discrimination illegal now, the same as if he were black or disabled?
Insurance for over 80's - martint123
It's a bit like getting house insurance once you have claimed for subsidence or something. Only by staying with your current insurer will you always get cover.
I don't think it's discrimination - its just that the run of the mill online insurers only have a fairly narrow selection of risks they find they make most profit from, anything else they either decline or quote an unrealistic figure.
Insurance for over 80's - wemyss
My Brother in Law is just coming up to 80 and a couple of weeks ago he was telling me a long story about looking round Insurance Companies for the best quote.
He goes around the houses a little bit when he's telling a story and I often switch off a little but I do remember him saying that when he spoke to his own present insurer, the advisor said that if you stop with us we will always offer you cover, but if you leave us our policy is that we would not quote you again in the future.
He also said check any other quotes you receive and ask them what their policy is on this matter.
Sounded sensible.......

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