Primera Air mass meter - WBaft
We bought a 2001 Primera with 70k on the clock and FSH, after 4 month the air mass meter had to be replaced as the car pulling power slowly degraded. We were amazed by the fact that to replace the part the Nissan service centre is asking £475.

Is this reasonable for this kind of fault? And is this typical for Primeras? We specifically got the car based on its reliability reputation and now feel a bit disappointed
Primera Air mass meter - stuartl
Try ebay for the part.

Obviously it might not be the same price but I just got one for my astra dti for under 60 quid and a five minute job to fit! Car ran great afterwards.....then the camshaft went : (
Primera Air mass meter - Collos25
£475 for a part that cost pennies no its not reasonable, since Renault took over the price of parts for Nissan has esculated.I would never have another Renault or Nissan or even trade them they are nothing but bother.Try Ebay or one of the many on line breakers they are very good you should be paying around £75 and its a very easy install.
Primera Air mass meter - Aprilia
Unfortunately since the Renault take over the price of Nissan parts has been increased somewhat. However, it is not true to say that Nissans are unreliable. The Primera AFM is a Japanese-made part and similar to that used on a wide variety of other Nissans over the years - they are normally extremely reliable and not to be confused with Micra throttle bodies (which had problems due to three dry joints on the circuit board).
Your best bet is to try a company like BBA-Reman who will probably supply a unit at half the dealer price. You could also try a Japanese car specialist breaker who would probably have a secondhand unit avaialble at a good saving.
Primera Air mass meter - Aprilia
PS - they are very easy to replace - a matter of minutes. If you don't want to DIY then any garage should be able to do it for you at a nominal cost.
Might be worth carefully checking the connections to the AFM and also possibly **gently** cleaning it with brake cleaner spray.
Primera Air mass meter - bell boy
without taking over your post Aprilia i would suggest the original poster lets a competant garage do the "careful cleaning" :)

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