Bad experience with my warranty - kojac89
I joined the deleted extended warranty scheme which included cover for wear and tear in March 2006. My ABS system became faulty and this part was covered by the policy. However the repair garage said it would take 2 hours to replace the ABS sensor which was the faulty part. The warranty company accepted that the part was faulty but has only authorised 20 minutes repair time. As this repair can only be done at the main dealer where the labour rates are about £98/hour, this would leave me having to pay almost ALL the labour rates. This is appalling and I would discourage anyone from buying a policy with deleted. I have had 2 other encounters with them and they picked on some real small print to disallow the claim including that I hadn't reported one claim within 7 days.

Can anyone advise ? Has anyone dealt with deleted before. I have now had to threaten them with legal action in a small claims court.

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Bad experience with my warranty - Armitage Shanks {p}
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Bad experience with my warranty - teabelly
Probably one for trading standards. I have a feeling one of the ombudsmen or office of fair trading have made judgements on warranty companies refusing to pay realistic time for jobs or realistic hourly rates. Most companies only pay £25-30 an hour so main dealer of £100 an hour is probably why you've got 20 minutes worth. A lot of warranty companies are slippery and will avoid paying out as much as possible. If you ever want to make claims then you have to make sure you are always within the small print. Again the OFT or similar have ruled on what is allowable and what isn't within the terms and conditions.

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