proton jumpbuck pickup - bell boy
one of these for sale dirt cheap insurance write off cat x.
The insurance angle is of no concern to me because i am considering the pickup for myself because
(a) its less than 3 grand and 5000 miles 05 plate
(b) its different
(c) its got the goody chrome roll bar fitted

ive looked at the car by car breakdown but no feedback,my question is anyone got one? they like it? it economic?.....would you have another? etc etc,ive got until monday 26th to buy it.

anybody ???????any reasonable comments welcome but please note i dont need this vehicle its just available so please dont suggest i buy a vw and chop the roof off the back to make my own more reliable pickup,as i went that route years ago and the doors wouldnt open after the deed was done.

thanks in atifypatcion :)
proton jumpbuck pickup - mike hannon
'Jumpbuck' - what's that about? Is this another manifestation of the Mitsubishi 'Starion' syndrome?
Yes, I know what a jumbuk (spelling?) is.
proton jumpbuck pickup - autumnboy

If you dont need it, then why bother with it. You could get alot better than this, chrome or no chrome. Its so outdated using the WIRA bits and pieces.
proton jumpbuck pickup - Aprilia
There's Proton dealer not far from me and so I've seen this vehcile in the 'flesh' - so to speak. Its basically a modification to a Persona. FWD and leaf springs at the back - so not too comfortable I guess. The rest will be typically Proton - i.e. reliable, but some parts dear.
If you want it a a working vehicle to knock about in and fetch 'n carry then I guess it would be OK - wouldn't want one as an everyday car though!
proton jumpbuck pickup - bell boy
thanks for the feedback everyone so basically keep my transit then is the consensus,will do,thanks again :)
proton jumpbuck pickup - mss1tw
TBM magazine have and use one and seem to rate it highly.
proton jumpbuck pickup - jase1
A bloke I know down the local has one of these. He's a tradesman and has one in preference to a van (he has a small fleet of a couple of vans and this Proton thing).

Interesting thing, inside it just looks like a typical 80s Jap car and it has been totally reliable in 60k miles apparently.

So yeah, as a workhorse they seem pretty OK as they go, and I believe they are popular in Australia where they like their Utes and this is looked upon like a sort of mini-Ute.
proton jumpbuck pickup - bell boy
ive talked myself out of it now but thanks anyway.

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