JD Power Survey and new Lexus IS - alapppy
How far behind are JD power surveys? We (business) have bought 3 new Lexus IS in the last few months Two of them have developed rattles that required the dash to be reomved to be cured. A major job I am told. Other rattles also required removal of the B pillars and re padding MAny other similar complaints of this nature are on the Lexus forums. Going by this they do not deserve the top spot in the JD power survey for 2006 . When will all these problems be reflected in their rating and warn other buyers..dont beleive everything you read!!!!

JD Power Survey and new Lexus IS - type's'
I think the cars are usually at least 12 months old so we should see these problems manifest in the surveys in about 12 months time.
There have been a number of BR's that have complained of rattly Lexus and Toyotas.
My wife's Corolla rattles really badly in the dash and rear seat/parcel shelf area. I have told her we have bought our first and last Toyota. It has been into the dealer at 3 times to get it fixed.
She is having a Jazz next.

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