Ford Escort Cabrio 1.6EFI - GordonSt
I recently bought this 1991 car and was told by main dealer that it was an "absolute minter", however about a week ago quite suddenly it started to splutter, especially under load. It's had new plugs and they are burning perfect. Could it be the leads?
Ford Escort Cabrio 1.6EFI - Civic8
More likely to be coil failing under load,nothing unusual on this,but plugs should show if spark does not occur,ie will be wet with petrol.

When was cambelt last changed on it?
Ford Escort Cabrio 1.6EFI - GordonSt
Plugs are good sandy colour and not wet. Starts every time. Had new cambelt about 2000 miles ago.
Ford Escort Cabrio 1.6EFI - bell boy
sounds like the leads, what kind of main dealer sells 15 year old fords by the way?
Ford Escort Cabrio 1.6EFI - GordonSt
Yeah I think it does to, it started quite suddenly. Bought car off e-bay and had it checked by Ford dealer!

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