reverse lights - 2003 Astra - awil80
I have a 03 Astra,my reverse lights do not work.I changed both bulbs as I thought they had blown,but they are still not working.Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be and how do i go about fixing the problem. Thanks
reverse lights - Xileno {P}
On a lot of cars there's a switch in the gearbox that is flicked when you engage reverse. This may be at fault. Usually they are screwed in from the side so it should be easy to replace. If you can locate it you could try putting a meter across (or a bit of wire and a bulb) to see whether the switch is working.
reverse lights - Armitage Shanks {p}
Xileno is right, of course! Unless the wire/cable is broken and if the bulbs are OK it must be the switch. My switch failed recently, I never noticed the absence of the light and it was noticed and fixed during a routine service.
reverse lights - Dynamic Dave
As others have said, more thna likely the switch on the gearbox.

An 03 Astra? Is it under 3 yrs old - get it fixed under the warranty if so.

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