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f.y.i. - I have sung the praises of 'more than' breakdown cover before now, but here's a word of warning - if you ever use the web site to get a quote for motor insurance, don't let them have your phone number.

I requested a quote over the net the other week, but haven't done anything about it as it isn't due to the end of the month.

I've had three calls from morethan in the past 24 hours pestering me to go ahead with their insurance, which is just annoying enough to make me look elsewhere

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I have found it possible to confuse websites that insist on a phone number by putting in 01010101010! As long as it starts 01 and has the right number of digits in it (eleven seems to work) they can't get back to you.
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I never give them my number. I use the local code followed by a series of zeros.
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Mr Know Wun
Post code is the next block down my road or the next door neigbour
my number is always 01555555555 mobile 078555555555
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Unfortunately my telephone number always has a misplaced digit.
If they really want to find you, there are computerised directories you know.

Never had a phone call for an insurnace company. Ever.

But the letters!:-(

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I usually put my ex wifes number. Childish? Maybe. But it makes me feel good.
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I've never had follow up phone calls, but if I use a website that garners details from various insurance companies I do get e-mails for two or three years afterwards...:-)
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