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Leaking Seat Leon - Car_Man
I was just wondering if anybody could offer me any help. I have a 00 Seat Leon. I have just noticed a considerable amount of water that has leaked into the car. It stretches from under the carpet of the front left passenger?s seat to the back seat. The door seals seem ok and the sunroofs not leaking. I can?t find any other place the water?s getting in. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Leaking Seat Leon - sedanman32
Look under the carpet make sure there are no holes in the floor. Failing this get someone to spray your car with water (not by hosepipe if you are in a hosepipe ban area)while sitting inside and see if you can find a leak
Leaking Seat Leon - Dynamic Dave
Common culprit on a lot of cars is through the pollen filter housing if the cover hasn't been put back on properly.
Leaking Seat Leon - mare
Try a forum search on leaking Golf / Boras. Very similar car.

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