I have all-season tyres but the ride quality is poor, is something wrong?

My Volvo XC60 SE 2017 model is equipped with Pirelli Scorpion Verde tyres. These give a very hard ride but are cross-climate. This model doesn't have two suspension settings that I think some models had. Back seat passengers have complained and questioned whether something is wrong. Is there a better option to get a softer ride?

I really don't fancy changing tyres between summer and winter but the car does seem a bit skittish in winter conditions which may be down to the local authority not gritting enough as last winter we had several cars wind up in the ditch and through the hedge on bends nearby so maybe I shouldn't blame the car or tyres!

Asked on 15 January 2024 by John Anderson

Answered by David Ross
We would normally expect an all-season tyre to offer decent ride quality on account of the deep tread blocks, so the fact that you are suffering from poor ride quality may suggest some other issue. In terms of tyres, you could look at changing to a smaller diameter wheel or selecting a tyre that has a taller sidewall (aspect ratio) than your current tyre, as this should improve the ride. You may also wish to have your suspension checked over by your dealer or an independent specialist in order to confirm there is nothing amiss.
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