Can I replace two Continental tyres with Michelins?

I have a 2016 Hyundai Tucson and need to replace both front tyres. Presently all four tyres and the spare are Continental. The two rear tyres are okay so I am thinking to purchase two new tyres.

Is it okay to purchase two Michelin Cross Climate type and having different brands? I have had some conflicting information given to me, i.e: the new ones should go on the back as they provide for better braking with the existing back ones placed on the front. Or just place the new ones on the front?

The reason for introducing Michelin brand is less availability of Continental.

Asked on 6 December 2023 by faceless999

Answered by David Ross
You don't mention the specific type of Continental tyre you currently have fitted, but Michelin Cross Climate are an all-season tyre, so unless your Continentals are also all-season you should not mix an all-season or winter tyre with summer tyres. Having different brands of tyre on your car is less of an issue if they are the same type and dimensions, although ideally you should avoid mixing brands on the same axle.

If you are only changing two tyres, you should fit the new tyres on the back. Having more tread and therefore greater grip on the rear prevents oversteer and loss of control in wet conditions.
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