Do I need to replace all four tyres if switching to all-weather tyres?

I am preparing my 2017 Corsa 1.4 Turbo for its forthcoming MoT. I do not do many miles, no more than about 5000-6000 per year. The front offside tyre is low on tread and for sure needs replacing, the near side front has just under 4mm and I will also replace.

Since I do so few miles, I am looking at all season tyres so that I can get maximum grip and stopping ability throughout the year, but the websites I am looking at (national chains) are recommending to replace all 4 tyres when fitting all weather tyres. My rear tyres both have between 5 and 6mm tread. Is it really necessary to replace the rears also?

Asked on 23 February 2024 by Cieurniht

Answered by David Ross
When replacing tyres it is recommended to replace them in pairs on the same axle to ensure equal grip between each side of the vehicle. However, if you are switching between summer tyres and all-weather or winter tyres, it is not recommended to mix the different types on the same car, as this can cause differences in handling and grip characteristics between the front and rear. If you only want to replace two tyres we would advise sticking with a similar in design and specification to those on the rear.
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