Changing Peugeot 306 Spark Plugs - PeugeotMan

I'm a novice when it comes to changing spark plugs, so apologies for this very basic question.

I bought a set of Champion RC97CC plugs as recommended in the manual. When I got home I removed the leads form the old plugs but I can't see where the old plug is or how I can access it.

When I remove the lead all I can see is a hard black piece of raised plastic with a piece of metal in the middle (part of the spark plug?). The plastic doesn't appear to twist off and I can't see how I would be able to use a 5/8" spanner to remove the plug.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

Changing Peugeot 306 Spark Plugs - SjB {P}
Which engine?
Changing Peugeot 306 Spark Plugs - PeugeotMan
1.4 Litre Petrol
Changing Peugeot 306 Spark Plugs - SjB {P}
My wife's 306 is a 1.8 XU7 not the 1.4 TU that you drive, but your post has got me thinking; to my knowledge the TU is a straightforward engine with the spark plugs standing proud along the REAR face of the cylinder head. i.e. out of sight

Forgive me - because I really hesitate to write it for want of either insulting your car knowledge or completely missing the point and looking like a buffoon myself - but are you sure you have actually pulled the plug caps off? From your description of "hard black piece of raised plastic with a piece of metal in the middle" I think you may have pulled the plug leads off the DIS unit ("distributor") that sends the high tension pulse to the spark plugs.

If so you nead to follow the leads to the other ends whereupon you will find the spark plugs.

I suspect though that if you have pulled the leads off the DIS you will have no idea what sequence to put them back on in. I guess the TU engine has the usual 1-3-4-2 firing order with #1 being the plug at the cambelt end (left hand as you look at the engine) but of course you need to know which of the "black plastic" pieces relates to number one. You may be lucky and find both the plug leads and the DIS unit are marked with corresponding numbers, but I don't know so.
Changing Peugeot 306 Spark Plugs - Bromptonaut
Vaguely recall my 104 20+ yrs ago had plugs v deeply recessed in the head with some sort of black plastic extension piece screwed on in place of the usual clip for the HT lead. Required a special long reach plug spanner to remove them.
Changing Peugeot 306 Spark Plugs - tvr john
Do you have the later coil pack on this engine? ie no distributer...... you unbolt all 4 coils and spark plug caps together, if i recall there are 2 10 mm bolts holding the whole lot in position, at the back of the cam cover. U will need a small spark plug socket and a 4 inch extension for the rachet.
Changing Peugeot 306 Spark Plugs - PeugeotMan
Thanks for the help. SjB {P} was right - I was pulling the leads off the distributor - doh!

I've now found the spark plugs and managed to replace them.

Now I'm going to try charging the battery.

Changing Peugeot 306 Spark Plugs - SjB {P}
Nice to read that the job's now done PeugeotMan.
10/10 for honesty, too.
Changing Peugeot 306 Spark Plugs - jahur

i have just put a new set of leads on my 1997 306 miami tu engine and looked at the underside of the old leads and seen to my shock that the longest lead which is number #4 fits only in lenght to where you say #1 is? #1 with my old leads is the shortest and is closest to the dis unit.

with my leads laid out the firing order goes like this with #4 being cam belt end whilst looking left with engine in front of me.

# 4-3-2-1 is this so? i have never known any friring order to be in that ryhming order before?

as opposed to the stated one in your post


any help any one?


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