Seat Leon radio - Jack Bacon
Great car, had it 4+ years now, but the MW and LW won't work on the radio and even FM is rather inconsistent. Someone mentioned that the aerial booster may have gone.

Does anyone out their have any experience with this, and where is the aerial booster if there is one?

Thanks, Jack
Seat Leon radio - AR-CoolC
Can't remember specificly the Leon, but it will be either the base of the antenna on the roof, or an in-line jobbie behind the radio in the dash. It may just be that the power to the booster has become disconnected. Either a blue or white wire.
Seat Leon radio - El Dingo
The booster bit is at the base of the aerial, powered by the radio via the coax.

Is yours an original fit radio or an aftermarket job?(Personally, I thought the Aura in the Leon total rubbish and replaced it with an Alpine unit in mine.) An aftermarket or radio from another (non-VAG) car will need an Autoleads antenna adaptor...

El Dingo.
Seat Leon radio - dereckr
I?m not familiar with the SEAT, but it is likely to follow the VW set up. The compensation amplifier (not strictly a ?booster?) will be in the base of the aerial. The circuit used requires power from the radio. (Without this, there will be no AM reception and FM may be affected). There are several ways power is sent. The original type used a separate wire from the set to provide a switched 12v feed. More recent types put power down the aerial signal coax cable. In some OE radios, the circuit to do this is built in to the radio. On others, and if an after market set is installed, an adaptor has to be fitted. This adaptor provides power and isolation from the signal. This is the ?in-line jobbie? referred to by AR-CoolC?it is not the amplifier. I?ve seen many installations, commonly VW imports from Belgium, where this device is not fitted and the customer has no AM reception. There are plenty of installations where new sets have been fitted and because the owner only listens to FM they are unaware of the defect!
Concerning your problem, has the set ever worked on AM? Has the set been swapped? Odds on, the fault is the aerial, but you can't rule out a radio fault.

Seat Leon radio - Jpmayock
I bought a sony cdx-gt300 head unit from halfords for my seat leon fr 1.9tdi (54 reg). It was fine in built up city areas but on the motorway I could not get am or FM reception! Went back to halfords this morning and they then fitted which was 13 quid at halfords (more pricey than norm but i cannot be bothered to go back a 3rd time). Now it works fine. THat was a UK seat leon fr.

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