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Hi all,

I have a 'normal' car at the mo, will be moving to classic in a month or so, and thus classic insurance. Anyone know if I can use my no claims on a classic, limited mileage policy, and if not, what happens in a few years' time when I am forced to buy a proper car again (if blessed with patter of tiny feet)?


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I have a Yaris insured with

The site is not responding at present but IIRC they require 5 years no claim before they allow protected no claims.

I went to them cos I am in effect baby sitting my daughters Yaris for a year so 1500 miles max per year is fine for that purpose. IIRC they do policies for 1500, 3000, 45000 max miles etc.

Site now responding.

I also found them to be most helpful on the phone.
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Never managed to find a classic policy that would change with ncd, they are usually cheap anyway, I pay about 100 a year for the Commer.
No NCD to transfer out but I guess that a letter could be obtained to verify x years claim free use if you were changing. Depends on who you are changing to what they will offer for this.

Someone who knows about insurance will probably be along in a minute.
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% discount is not relevant. You will be treated in a certain way provided that you can prove a certain history.


Currently on a policy with 5 years claims free.

Company 1: (normal insurer, NCD, normal cars etc.)

£80 gross premium
5 years claim free = 50% no claims discount
£40 net premium

Company 2: (normal insurer, NCD, normal cars etc.)

£100 gross premium
5 years claim free = 60% no claims discount
£40 net premium

Company 2: (classic car insurer, No NCD scale, classic cars)

£40 gross premium
No NCD, but policy only available to people with 5 years incident free driving
£40 net premium

Irrespective of the discount given to you by one, the other will only consider the number of years claims free and apply their standard approach.

You do not transfer NCD from one company to another, you transfer a driving insurance history.
no claims - No FM2R
p.s. the point of the exampels being - don't get knotted up on the NCD issue, just look for the company who will charge you the least money for the service and cover you require.

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