What economical supermini for 5K? - popuplights
You must have this kind of question all the time !!
I am starting a new job which requires a 110 mile round trip every day. I need a car that is new-ish, has got 3 belts in the back and will get me 50 mpg. I doff my cap to the assembled knowledge and request your suggestions !!

What economical supermini for 5K? - Sprice
Hi, thats a fair mileage a day, so first question is does it have to be a supermini?

If so, at this sort of mileage, and at your requested 50mpg, a diesel is the route to go down.

Good bets would be Seat Ibiza or Skoda Fabia with VW's famed 1.9 TDi engines, but without the price premium that VW's attract.

You could probably get 3-4 years old at your budget.

Others to consider are the the Toyota Yaris (reliable, which is necessary for 110 miles/day)which in petrol or D-4D diesel form are good buys and available within budget (diesel Yaris launched a few years after petrols).
What economical supermini for 5K? - popuplights
I was thinking about a Focus perhaps? Is there any particular diesel enging that is better than another?

What economical supermini for 5K? - Adam {P}
A Focus isn't a supermini but I'm told it's a very capable, great to drive, and fantastic looking car. Or so I'm told.

Don't get any Ford diesel other than a TDCi. Avoid a TDdi (the older Focuses had these).

Not sure what kind of Focus TDCi you'd get for 5 k though.

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