Can you recommend a family car for driving in London's low emissions zones?

My niece lives in east London and needs to change her old Audi A4 for a larger family vehicle. She needs space for two children in car seats, one child sitting in a normal car seat plus two adults. They like to camp, so a good size luggage area would really help. Bearing in mind the restrictions of London's Low Emissions Zone, do you have any suggestions? They have a budget of £10,000, but may be able to squeeze a little more for a good deal. Any help or guidance will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Asked on 12 June 2020 by Colin C

Answered by Dan Powell
Skoda Octavia Estate. It has a huge boot and is offered with diesel or petrol engines:

A budget of £10,000 should get a 2016/17 model:
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