I need a secondhand family car to accommodate my two teenagers, what should I go for?

I have two teenagers aged 11 and 13yrs. I am looking for a fairly new car, ideally with one owner, ULEZ compliant and leather seats.

I occasionally travel to Wales but would be using it mostly to commute to work and school runs. I prefer a non keyless car or one that keyless could be disabled

Asked on 31 March 2023 by perpetua odion aivinhenyi

Answered by David Ross
There are plenty of options that would suit most of your needs here. We would suggest something with a petrol engine to avoid any ULEZ issues, and assuming your teenagers are still growing they will likely need something with good rear space. We would suggest looking at cars like the Skoda Kodiaq, Volvo XC40 or the Audi A6, all of which can be had in the specification you want.

The main issue however is with keyless entry, which is a standard feature on almost all new cars, certainly those which are likely to have leather seats. If you are concerned about vehicle theft, you could purchase a Faraday pouch to put your keys in which prevents it from being scanned by thieves. You can read more about keyless theft here www.honestjohn.co.uk/what-is-keyless-theft-and-how...#
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