Another insurance query - DeeJay
Last month , whilst driving the firm's lorry ,I had a low speed "coming together" with a car at some roadworks and the car was slightly damaged (door miror and trim). Details were exchanged and the insurance companies have been left to do their thing .Hopefully my company will deal with it all with no further input from me . However , do I have to mention this incident when renewing the insurance on my own car in the spring? (the "any accidents or claims" type of question), Any informed thoughts? DeeJay.
Another insurance query - Ex-Moderator
The official position is that absolutely you must tell them because in the [unlikely] event that they found out, it would not be a good thing.

It is unlikely that it will make any difference to your premium at this point, although if you had a subequent incident in your car then the two together could well have an effect on premium and excess where one of them on its own might not.
Another insurance query - DeeJay
Many thanks for that Mark. Your experienced comments are always appreciated . DeeJay.

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