peugeot 205 - windscreen water jet - C77
hi, not surehow common this problem is but the water jets on the front windscreen have stopped working, normally you hear the motor working but this time nothing happens, even when the front water tank is empty the motor still works but now nothing happens

i hope this makes sense as its starting to become a problem with driving as the windscreen is getting dirty very quickly and i have to keep either stopping or putting my hand out the window and spraying the windscreen with water fom a bottle

any tips would be great as the manual for the car i cant find anything

the car is reg j 1992 if that helps


Peter F
peugeot 205 - windscreen water jet - solara
I suspect the washer pumps impeller has come off the motor spindle. Dont know specifics about the 205.
peugeot 205 - windscreen water jet - C77
yeah the thing i cant understand is finding any info in the manuel

hopefully somone might know what the problem is at some point


pete f
peugeot 205 - windscreen water jet - Dynamic Dave

Check the wires are securely attached to the washer motor, and that the contacts are clean. They're easily corrodable being under the bonnet.
peugeot 205 - windscreen water jet - Kingpin
Easy way to solve the problem is pull the washer pipe from the pump and activate the washers to see if the motor makes a noise and sprays water out.
If so then problem lies further up the pipe from the bottle to the jets on the bonnet.

If the motor is dead and makes no noise then suspect it needs replacing.
I had a 1990 205 and had to buy a new washer pump from Halfords (just a push interference fit with a rubber seal) as it died.
Reconnected wires and worked fine. Make sure the two terminals are the right angle for the electric connector plug depending on which motor you buy.
Perhaps these motors have a problem?
peugeot 205 - windscreen water jet - Andrew-T
The washer pump on a 205 is in the bottom of the wash reservoir behind the headlamp, and occasionally they burn out. Can't be fixed, but replacement is cheap enough, especially if you are willing to buy a used one. Dismount the reservoir (screws) and wangle the pump out, but try not to damage the sealing ring, which can easily leak. It's easy to tell if the pump has packed up by the whirring noise, as you know. Could be worth testing it directly off the battery in case the wiring is at fault.
peugeot 205 - windscreen water jet - C77
hi and well problem solved and thanks the advice was very handy, i waent to my local garage and they said it would cost me 60 quid, so i decided to go to thw scrap yard and guess what, 2 quid and 3 minutes of fixing a new motor and everything is working fine


pete f

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