Can I use all-season tyres on my EV?

My Kia e-Niro has Michellin Primacy 3 tyres which perform poorly in the wet (they also have just over 2mm tread). My other petrol cars all have all-season tyres which are phenomenal, but the cars all weigh less than 1300Kg. Would Michellin Cross Climates be suitable for an EV, or is the weight of the car that's the problem with my current tyres?

Asked on 7 November 2022 by dombat

Answered by Lawrence Allan
Around 2mm of tread is nearing the minimum 1.6mm limit, so you'll probably find those tyres are past their best in terms of performance as the e-Niro puts a lot of torque through its front wheels.

You should be able to find all-season tyres quite easily for it - there are a number of brands making EV-specific all-season tyres now with improved rolling resistance (increasing range). Regular Michelin Cross Climates will do the job well, but be prepared for a loss of range of about five per cent because they are more resistant to roll.
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