High-detergent petrol - Alan Wainwright
In Saturday's Telegraph, HJ recommended the use of 'high-detergent' petrol to help cure starting problems on a Vauxhall Nova. My wife's '95 1.1 litre Fiesta suffers similar problems described for the Nova. What is 'high-detergent' petrol, and how do I recognise the appropriate brands? Any thoughts very welcome.
Re: High-detergent petrol - Guy Lacey
I should think he's referring to Texaco type brands - can't quite remember the name. All "big" names do them. I think Texaco call it "System Clean" or something similar.
Re: High-detergent petrol - Honest John
That's right. Texaco and Shell have a high detergent content. Whether you get Texaco or Shell from supermarket is a lottery.

Re: High-detergent petrol - richard price
Where do the supermarkets buy their petrol, or is it the cheapest that day from whatever refinery. Are there any consumer laws that say that any additions to the generic brew must be displayed ie detergents higher octane etc.
Re: High-detergent petrol - Dan J
Near where I live, the Texaco and Shell petrol stations run a monopoly in many small towns and consequently charge through the roof for petrol (often 50p more a gallon). Because it has caused so much resentment I will never buy petrol from a Texaco or Shell (unless I can't help it) regardless of how much fairy liquid they stick in their unleaded.

Are other brands such as Total okay?
Re: High-detergent petrol - RogerL
Is the Shell detergent the same one that wrecked all the police Senators when it was introduced in the '80s.

All petrol is the same until the additives are added. In most cases, petrol travels along underground pipelines to the distribution centres from one single refinery. It is then loaded into tankers with a little additive, so basically all petrol is the same, in any one area.

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