Rusted in bolts on Micra headlamp - mikem004
I'm in the process of replacing the bashed in headlamp on my 95 K11 Nissan Micra. [See front end shunt repairs].

I have obtained a headlamp assembly from a scrapyard (£20).
I am attempting to remove the existing headlamp assembly.
I have removed 2 x retaining screws at the top and bottom of the headlamp.
There remain 2 x retaining bolts. But the nuts are rusted on these.

Tips please for removing rusted on bolts/nuts? I am not an experienced home mechanic and do not have many tools. But I seem to have the correct size (no. 10) spanner. And a hacksaw.

Use the hacksaw to cut through the old nut/bolt and try to replace with similar size nuts/bolts?

One I get these 2 bolts out, its just a matter of removing electrical connectors then the new headlamp assembly should just slot in.
Tips please. I am going to do this in my lunch hour, before darkness falls!

Rusted in bolts on Micra headlamp - L'escargot
A squirt of WD-40 might just help. Failing that ~ hacksaw.
L\'escargot by name, but not by nature.
Rusted in bolts on Micra headlamp - MW
I would suggest Plusgas and time. Soak the nuts 2/3 times a day (and especially overnight) for 3 days. I know this seems a long time, but in my experience it will work, if you have patience. On reassembly use coppergrease on everything for next time.


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