Fuel injector cleaner - Dan J
Whilst purchasing various items to service the Cavalier with (I used semi-synth oil this time, you're right David W, I do feel better about everything now!) I spotted a bottle of fuel injector cleaner. Now, being reasonably flush at the moment I thought I'd treat the car to a bottle which cost just under a fiver as what harm could it do? Several were available, all from quite "major" companies all claiming to do much the same thing.

Didn't think anymore about it until I serviced the motor and cracked the bottle open. Quite a familiar smell I thought - suspicions confirmed when the small print was found to say 'Contains Kerosene' [Paraffin of course!], no other ingredients mentioned. I poured it into a glass and it sure enough appears to be simply paraffin.

Does this stuff contain some magical ingredient which clears the injectors out or is someone taking the pee charging a fiver for this stuff? I could have bought 2 gallons for what I paid for this! If all it is is paraffin then is it beneficial to put in half a pint every month? How does it help clean the injectors out?
Re: Fuel injector cleaner - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)

Which product / manufacturer is this ?

Re: Fuel injector cleaner - David W
Interesting thought Dan... I've been out to the workshop sniffing all my additives and other products.

Can't identify exactly what they are so I'll have another go this evening, I feel so refreshed there must be something in them.

Re: Fuel injector cleaner - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)
Far out, David ! Whats the weather like up there in the clouds ?!

Regards, Adam
Re: Fuel injector cleaner - Honest John
Don't sniff VAG injector cleaner.

Re: Fuel injector cleaner - David W
I thought that was how Guy started his night out, bet he's got an LPG bleed into the face vents as well.

Re: Fuel injector cleaner - Colin J

Do you know if this injector cleaner has VAG part number, G 001 700 03.

I bought some last week which had to be a special order since not a stock part. The product is a ?Fuel Additive for petrol engines? and only mentions that it ?Prevents corrosion, carburettor icing and keeps intake ports clean?.

This cleaning product was mentioned in a thread in April 2001 for fuel injector problems but as the packaging doesn?t mention anything about cleaning injectors I was wondering if there is another VAG product more suited to this task. So far no discernible difference, but it's early days yet.

BTW, this one contains ?Contient des detergents, des polyamines cycloaliphatiques.? or equally confusing ?Enthalt Detergentian, Cycloaliphatische Polyamine?.

Re: Fuel injector cleaner - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Trouble with these "off the shelf" cleaners is that in my experience they will keep a clean injector clean but won't clean a dirty one. The trade use only cleaners certainly contain some noxious chemicals. One we use is a damn fine paint stripper!
Re: Fuel injector cleaner - Guy Lacey
lol DW! VAG Injector Cleaner is in my veins! Don't need the fresh-air feed of LPG - I get a good lung full every time I fill up!

I have only ever used the FORTE jollop for injector clean-up ['cos I get it free off my brother, Dave]. It does look suspiciously like a highly solvating hydrocarbon similar to, um, paraffin!!!

It's not a good idea to go around sniffing these types of products, and others. Some carb cleaners and brake/clutch cleaners have contained 1,1,1-trichloroethane in the past and this will permanently damage internal organs and turn your brain to jelly. It has since been banned.
Re: Fuel injector cleaner - Andrew Tarr
Of course it won't Guy, unless you take up sniffing seriously !
Re: Fuel injector cleaner - Mark (lost in Brazil)
>>turn your brain to jelly

A first sympton of this being an affinity for slippers.

David ?
Fuel injector cleaner composition - David Lacey
I have the relevant Health & Safety data sheets in my office for Wynns Petrol Injector Cleaner, aslo the Diesel Injector Cleaner which we use to great effect. I will look and see what the composition is & report back.

Re: Fuel injector cleaner - Cliff Pope
Yes, all very interesting, but can anyone answer Dan's point - is it only parafin? Would ordinary parafin work? Is parafin or any other of these products safe for catalysts?
Re: Fuel injector cleaner - Dan J
It said on the side of the container that it was completely safe for catalysts - my query, as you say, is whether or not it is simply just paraffin in which case I'll buy a gallon for 2 quid and stick a glass in once a month!
Re: Fuel injector cleaner - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)
All very interseting indeed, but can Dan please tell us whose product it is, then someone might have some informationa as to it's constituents.

Regards, Adam
Re: Fuel injector cleaner - Guy Lacey
Ummmm, ask Dave Lacey of Carb/Clutch Cleaner Liver Damage fame.......

Any of this material absorbed onto the skin will be in the brain and internal organs faster than if it were ingested by a matter of seconds to the brain and central nervous system against hours through intestinal tract.

Ur comments only go to show why testicular cancer is prevelant amongst car mechanics (dirty overalls from Mon-Sat) covered in used oil and solvents.
Fuel injector cleaner - David Lacey
No, I don't have liver damage but the aerosol sprays we used to use 10 yrs ago to clean brakes etc were very smelly. I protested and forced the company to change their brake cleaning policy, we then had an aqueous brake cleaner.

We still use this today. My technicians like this machine - no smells etc.

Re: Fuel injector cleaner - Dan J
Sorry - it was STP fuel injector cleaner. Have since had a brief look at some of the other fic's Halfords sell and all of those say 'Contains Kerosene'...
Re: Fuel injector cleaner - RogerL
Fuel injector cleaner is 90% paraffin (kerosene in US) with 10% automatic transmission fluid as upper cylinder lubricant.

Use 1 ml per litre of petrol every fill and it works wonders. Much cheaper than Redex and others.

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