Changing engine oil - Roger Jones
I'd like to add to David's enquiry and ask for views on changing to a different oil. I have heard/read some opinions suggesting that you should stick to the oil that was installed when the car was manufactured, which seems a bit extreme to me and puts Mobil 1 in the shade for a start.
Re: Changing engine oil - John Slaughter

Seems a bit drastic, and assumes you can find out what was used on the production line. It may even have been a 'special' to assist the running in period.

I've never heard of there being any problems changing to a different oil, especially if it's drained hot. You could use a flush, but again, that's something different too. To be ultra careful you should perhaps stick to the same oil for topping up, but again, I doubt there will be any problems in practice.

As for mixing mineral oils and synthetics, it's usually said that this misses the point of using sythetics, as the benefits are not obtained, but again, as far as I'm aware it won't cause problems, but could be an expensive waste of the synthetic oil. I'm sure Andrew Morey will have some comment on this.


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Hello John. As long as the oils being changed or topped up are of a similar spec and quality I don't see any problems. I am not a fan of synthetic oils. I feel that the benefits are grossly exaggerated. I have personal experience of two expensive engines being wrecked because a synthetic oil was used after a rebuild, consequently not allowing the natural wear to take place and keep the pistons and rings gas-tight (glazed bores). Also a problem with synthetics being used in higher mileage engines is that the oil consumption tends to increase. A good mineral or semi-synthetic is perfectly adequate for most people providing it is changed at regular intervals. Among my fleet of regulars are a Volvo 740 290k miles, a VW LT35 246k miles and a 1.6 Cavalier 310k miles. All run on Valvoline Turbo V or Texaco Havoline for the last 8-10 years with negligible mechanical problems and remarkably low emission levels. In reply to the message about adding Mobil 1 to a sump ful of mineral oilit wont be a problem, the oils will mix with no detrimental result other than the Gents' wallet!
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Thanks Andrew, pretty much what I thought!

I've used GTX Magnatec for a few years now, and provided it's changed regularly I think that spec of oil is fine. I've tried mobil 1 in a car, and I have to say it seemed to get dirty as quickly, if not more so than mineral or semi-synthetics - I don't think it's worth the extra.


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Now Then

The reason the oil got dirty quicker when using mobil 1 is because it is cleaning the muck from the engine, after a couple of changes the oil will remain clean, Mobil ran a BMW 325 on mobil 1 for one MILLION miles without the engine incurring any noticable wear.

The important thing with oil is to change it regularly, regardless of the type used.

Best Regards

Re: Changing engine oil - Andrew Moorey
p.s. according to my supplier of Texaco products, Texaco is "first fill" for many manufacturers on the production line.
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Couple of years ago I was in a Mercedes taxi in Limassol Cyprus and noticed his speedo was reading 495,000. Is that kilometeres I asked.
No No he said its miles.
He was very proud of his Merc and was telling me with some pleasure that the highest mileage on a taxi in Limassol had just blown its engine at 500,000 miles.
Another 5000 he said and my car will have the record.
Had any work done on it I asked. Only a water pump has had to be replaced, everything else is origional.
Coming to the present subject I asked what oil did he use. From new every 4000 miles I change the oil and have always used Castrol HD.
I imagine one or two may remember this oil but I didnt know it was still made.
As I remember it was a single viscosity oil and I was using it in a VW beetle in the mid 60s. I think it was about then that the first multi-grade came out which I believe was Duckhams Q20/50.
My cousin has recently retired from the haulage business and was an owner operator with a DAF lorry which had done over a million miles.
What oil do you use Norm I said. Bloody cheapest I can find was his answer.


Alvin Booth

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