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Best used warranty? - Martin Wall
Ok - you've bought a new car but you're worried about expensive repairs so you want to get some warranty/MBI - who is the best outfit to buy this from? Any good/bad experiences of the various contenders?
Best used warranty? - David Lacey
From experience, Car Care Plan seems good.
Rover Approved and Network Q are the industry leaders

You pays your money and takes your choice. (You get what you pay for)

I won't name the worst here, anyway.

Re: Best used warranty? - T lucas
Warranty Holdings pretty good in my experience,RAC not so good,again in my experience.Remember,these are only insurance policies,and the cos running them are in it to turn a profit.I am one of the old fashioned types that would rather have a low price and take my chances,be it a car ,TV, washer,bike,computer or just about anything else.
Best used warranty? - David Lacey
Oh, things must have changed then.

I was going to name W...... H...... as one of the worst offenders!!

Re: Best used warranty? - Colin M
Aon Warranties underwrite the VAG extended warranties. Don't know much about their independant business though.

Re: Best used warranty? - Alvin Booth
A friend of mine took out an extended warranty with the RAC.
His car went wrong a time or two but he was bitterly complaining that he could never get through on the phone to them so in the end he paid for the repairs himself.. Whether or not this was just a personal experience for himself I obviously don't know.
His next purchase was a Volvo. He took out a Volvo warranty which stated that the cat was covered. It went wrong and back he went to the Volvo dealer.
The manager said he had never known for Volvo to agree to a claim under warranty for a cat even though it was on the covered items. However he insisted and a Volvo Engineer went to inspect it. Eventually they agreed to replace it after some argument.
I once had one of these warranties myself years ago only on the advice of the foreman mechanic at a dealership whom I knew personally. When it blew the head gasket he personally took it upon himself to make a claim succesfully.
Knowing the above now I would now only take one out from a local garage who would themselves take it upon themselves to handle it.
However a personal recommendation from someone who has had a good experience would perhaps be as good.
Re: Best used warranty? - rogerb
I have had satisfactory, if rather slow, service, from Motor Warranty Direct.
They paid my £120 claim without quibbling.
Re: Best used warranty? - John Slaughter
My ex-company vectra came with a Car Care Plan Warranty. I made one claim (Idle speed Contol valve failure), which was paid so quickly I had the cheque before it had appeared on the Credit Card bill!


Re: Best used warranty? - Phil Goodacre
I found a new company on the web which markets a plan that covers just about everything you could imagine, all in one package. Sent for the details and will see what the exclusions are. It seems like a good bet for someone who might be paranoid about unexpected bills. Company is called Motoreasy and Their web address is ''.
Re: Best used warranty? - Michael Thomas
I don't know if these people are any good but I'm thinking of taking one up. Try Warranty Direct, they're on the WWW and you can get an on-line quote and a list of what's covered.

Anyone know if they are any cop?
Best used warranty? - David Lacey
As with any insuance based product, make sure you read and accept the small print. Glad to see the positive comments re:Car Care Plan - they are indeed quick and efficient.
It would not be normal to have the catalyst covered - I for one have never seen a catalyst replaced under a MBI type warranty.


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