White cars and rust - Miller
Wherever I go it seems that white cars seem to rust quicker, especially around the rear wheel arch area and door bottoms. I have seen quite a few 2-3 year old Fiestas and even Polos like this.

Is this due simply to the fact that white will show up rust easier as it does with muck, or could the mix of chemicals used to obtain the white colour make the bodywork less resistant to rust?

I can't understand why anybody orders a white car anyway as I don't think any model of car looks good in white, I would rather have the much maligned 'doom blue' colour!
Re: White cars and rust - T lucas
Have to disagree about white, i actually like it as a colour choice,but that is a personal choice and i well know that used, a great swathe of the Great British Public would disagree.How sad is it when just about every BMW or Merc is in 'must be the same silver',and to be fair its not just those two brands.Anyway,we Brits never want to stand out from the crowd,do we?
Re: White cars and rust - Guy Lacey
Audi Coupe UR Quattro Turbo looks fantastic in white.
rusty fiesta. - ladas are cool
all fiesta's rust whatever the colour is ;-)
Re: rusty fiesta. - Andy
On a related subject, why are all old-ish red Ford Escorts and Vauxhall Novas now going all matt pink?
Re: rusty fiesta. - Dan Jeffery
Applies to Astras and Cavs too! My 93 Cav is also going that way - I think red is a very bad colour for fading and they hadn't got something right in the 80s/early 90s. Still, who knows, all those brand new red Golf GTIs I have seen recently could be a grotty shade of faded and blotchy pinky red in a couple of years time :o)
Re: rusty fiesta. - markymarkn
The red paint goes pink because the surface layer of the paint oxidises. I think its something to do with water-based paint.

A good polish normally brings them looking a deep shiny red again. I once saw an old red (well, pink at the time) sierra totally transformed by a good application of autoglym (which btw, is like a weak T-Cut - use a dark cloth and look at the paint come off onto it next time you use it).
Re: rusty fiesta. and respraying - markymarkn
incendentaly, I happen to own a white mk2 astra cd, which i reckon with the body coloured bumpers is one of the better colours available for it. I'm not so sure about white cars rusting easier since mine has only a couple of spots of surface rust on the drivers side rear sill and the paints starting to bubble round the drivers lock (but I think thats cos some B****** broke into it a damaged the lock years ago) and other than that its a minter.

I think its more of a case of looking after it with loadsa polish than the particular colour.

On a similar note - has anyone got any tips on diy respraying? Even though the rust isnt major i'd like to get rid of it before it turns into a big problem. Is it worth me forking out for a pro to do it (i'm a bit tight though)?

Re: rusty fiesta. and respraying - Michael Thomas
Sorry to be the harbinger of doom but rust on the sills coming to the surface is usually the tip of the iceberg. Rusty sills do need sorting out pretty quick but unless you really know what you are doing it's a professional job.
Re: rusty fiesta. - Tomo
I think it just shows up more; and if somebody tries to paint over anything it never quite matches. A car that looks good in white probably is good.
Re: White cars and rust - Andrew Tarr
I'm no expert, but any difference may be in the undercoat, which is often pale to give the top colour a brighter appearance. White is clearly a special case. Or maybe the white pigment has a chemical effect. The six replies so far have avoided the question!
Re: White cars and rust - honest john
First place to look for rust on a 1989 - 1999 Fiesta is around the fuel filler cap. Seems to be a mud trap in the rear wheelarch there. The pigment in red car paint oxidises. VAG has tried to solve it by coating its solid red with clear lacquer, which is why solid red is an extra cost option in Europe.

Re: White cars and rust - David W
Nothing complicated here as white cars show every mark, rust or other blemishes.

White will also go to that matt finish as red does but for some reason it doesn't show, because a white car never really shines I suppose.

A mid-dark metallic blue or green will not show small rust blisters at all from a distance......not that rust is an issue on cars any more.......if you choose the right car.

I can't get on with white cars but do admit my Uncle's Mercedes and Dad's old Mercedes (now with a customer) both look good in white....when clean!

I'd rather be bored by metallic silver any day.

Re: White cars and rust - Mike Wolstencroft
NEVER buy a white car - the paint top coats are THINNER. Best paint protection is any metallic which uses a clear lacquer finish coat.
Re: White cars and rust - Ian Cook
Interesting set of replies.

Why do vans go rusty quicker than cars? Most of them are white (mine included) and it doesn't seem to matter how well you treat the little spots and blemishes it seems as though vans are rustproofed to the same standard as cars were 20 years ago.

Yet they are more expensive than cars!
Re: White cars and rust - ladas are cool
i used to have a mercedes van, i thought that because it was a merc it would be better rust treatment, but it started to rust at two years old, it only had a couple of dents, but these were treated quickly. and yes, it was white.

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