Insurance query - Miller
Sorry to be morbid at this time of year but a relative of mine recently died and his son now has the job of selling his car.

My question is will he be able to drive it under the third party all car extension clause in his own insurance policy? Usually it includes the sentence "with the owners permission" but technically as his father is deceased would this cause any problem in the eyes of the law?

Insurance query - martint123
I think this has cropped up before.
The 'owner' is now the estate so I think an executor could give permission. The original policy will now be invalid, so don't park on the road - there may be a chance of cancelling the policy with a refund. Phone the insurance company involved, there is a possibility they will change the name to the son if the car is going to be sold and his risk status isn't too bad.

As Mark always says - It's never worth risking anything with insurance policies. Let them know all relevant facts. They are human after all (it's alleged).

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